View Full Version : Im ridin with my boys good times or bad

12-07-2009, 01:34 AM
Yeah guys we got it handed to us. I know we are feeling down but we have to stick with the team. I saw alot of guys make some terrible plays especially on the def. side of the ball. But im going to stick with tomlin, ben, and yes even ike, who looked horrible. if you believe in vibes then you know that the ranks of steelernation have been severely diluted with fairweather fans. it is a product of success. i wont waste my time telling grown men that they suck because they are calling out and swearing at men over the internet, while if they saw these same guys on the street they would wet their little panties (and their wives definately would do so). so ill just say that real men and real fans know that we have to stick by this team. dont get me wrong, part of being a fan is criticizing your team when they mess up and we have been messing up big time. but those who are sure that we will not win the superbowl this year please know that you should not celebrate with the rest of us when it happens. we will get it together.

12-07-2009, 01:54 AM
We all are, or we wouldn't be here.

Its human nature to agonize over what might've been when we miss something by a hair's breadth.
We've lost 5 games by the proverbial hair's breadth. We're 5 hair's breadths away from 11-1.

Hence the agonizing.