View Full Version : stir away i say

11-30-2009, 10:29 AM
bill cowher was 100-0-1 in games when he had leads in the fourth qtr ( i remind you that includes years of kordell and some below average teams)

tomlin has lost 4 games just this year when he has had leads in the fourth qtr....
it is begining to become clear that there is seperation in the locker room, we get hurt by unsportsmanlike penalties at key times in games, our dbacks (gay, carter, taylor) celebrate like there is no tomorrow when they make a play (did anyone else see carter keep walking to the rat bench after an incompletion yesterday, he kept walking over there farther and farther well after the play) now, i am not calling him a terrible coach, i think he is fine, but he needs to adress the big ben situation with the players, how dare he be called out on national tv, and he needs to calm down with the "swagger" of some of the players, this is not baltimore...

11-30-2009, 10:45 AM
Ehhh... I put just as much blame on the DC if not a little more but you are right. Tomlin is the head coach amd he needs to hold the D accountable. I don't know how much influence Tomlin can have on a vet like Hines. I think Hines also backtracked so maybe it's already handled.

The real problem is the D and the ST's. We try not to jump on the D because they won so many games for us. This year though... We can't even keep a 10 point lead for 2 series let alone close out a game.