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11-28-2009, 06:48 PM
I am curious what are you seeing in your opinion this year through Ben's eyes vs the last couple years. For example

From my perspective (which is ridiculously limited by television and shotty analysis by the TV play by play guys) I see that Ben really has stayed with the hot receiver on the play and waits for him to separate before throwing which has been taking 5+ seconds.

Last week he used his check down (or whatever you want to call what Mendy was doing out in the flat when he did not stay in to pick up the blitz) a lot more than I have seen in recent memory. Was this because the WR's had trouble getting visibly open?

There are definately times where the OL has a breakdown or is simply outschemed & out physicaled like the Cinci game II but overall I feel Ben has had more time to throw and has added even more time by those signature Houdini escapes.
So in a nutshell, are you seeing guys open that Ben may not be noticing as he goes through his progressions and when not being rushed to throw the ball in less than three seconds?
Have we been going more max protection with just two receivers on the play?
Ben does have a relationship by now with Hines and Holmes to where he should be able to throw to a spot like Peyton sometimes does with his receivers. I know this is easier said than done but the talent on offense when I look at this team with a slightly more stable Oline really makes it look like a scary team but at times they still perform lie a paper tiger especially inside the opponnts 35 yard line.
Thoughts? I have not seen NFL matchup recently but at times I felt Jaws would edit and see what he wants to see to make a case.

As a disclaimer I know I am not in Ben's mind, in the huddle, watching film and game plan meetings like many love to point out. Instead I am always looking for ways the team can still improve as a fan to make the Steelers an elite offensive team to balance themselves with the defense. Ben has spread the ball around efficiently but I am just hoping (if we assume the executon is there) that we can do better in situational down and distance as well as redzone plays.

11-28-2009, 11:43 PM

I hate when people don't reply to my posts. So, here I am. I've had some of the same questions as you over the length of this season, so far. I think, first, if we consider the turnover ratio and that daunting "return TD" record we got going on, we find our main issue. Then, the uncharacteristic inability of our defense to close out games. If those three things are not broke, then we may be undefeated, if not sitting with a loss or two. We have not been blown out, at all, this year. Technically, our offense has played well enough to win every game this year. If we make the FG's we are supposed to, and not give up an easy 7 on return TD's alone, we are probably 8-2.

Yes, Ben has had more time this year. And, yes, we do have a gang of weapons on offense. No, I don't think this offense has reached it's potential. My opinion is that they are not mixing up the play calling enough. Whether Arians or Ben, they need to continue to include the run in the gameplan. The succes of the run will help the pass, and the success of the pass will help the run. So far, when we are successful with the run, we go to the pass. And, when we are successful with the pass, well, we continue to attempt to pass. I don't think many football minds, who actually sit down and watch the Steelers, could deny my points above.

That's my take.

11-28-2009, 11:56 PM
I saw them play the Bengals.

They played them straight up man to man most of the game. The Steelers receivers just lack the abiltity to get open and beat the matchup. I have also noticed that the receiver has to be pretty darn wide open for ben to throw it. This cautiousness may be a good thing, but I think that he extends plays because he wants the sure completion.

But late in the game during Ben's last possession, the Bengals did nothing fancy. No prevent. Just a base 1-1 corner matchup with the Steelers best receivers. They could not get open. Then, on the deep pass to Wallace (who was double covered) Holmes was wide open to Ben's right.

Because of the Bengals tough CB's they were able to bring more pressure to Ben. The Steelers OL can usually block 3-4 rushers, but not 5+. Teams have figured out how to play Ben.

I didn't see the KC game but it was the mistakes and run-backs that killed them. KC had a poor defense. The Steelers still lost. Not good.

11-29-2009, 09:41 AM

Thanks for your perspectives and points of views. Its tough to make an assessment or arguement based on only what I see or think I see on TV or even read from an opinionated sportswriter.

11-29-2009, 10:58 AM

Thanks for your perspectives and points of views. Its tough to make an assessment or arguement based on only what I see or think I see on TV or even read from an opinionated sportswriter.

There are times Ben struggles to identify when and where teams blitz. Some of that falls on the WR's. There are times he throws well with anticipation and times he does not. As the other poster stated, there are times when Ben waits till the WR's are clearly open before he makes the pass. That's one reason why there are times he double pumps so much and holds onto the ball to long. There are some other areas I expected Ben to be better at up to this point of his career. I expected him to be more of a Peyton Manning type of passer. Especially since he showed so much ability his first couple of years in the league.

Ultimately, the bottom line is consistency.

11-29-2009, 11:59 AM
Went to the games in Cincy and Denver. Cincy has good corners and chances are limited. However, there are open receivers. We need to throw more to the backs and Heath against Cincy. We need to run more rubs and crosses. We need screens that work well (haven't had these for a decade). Finally, sometimes, in tight defensive games we need to roll Ben out more and give him more options to throw the ball away if nothing is there. Taking sacks in a low scoring game is not a good thing. Red zone turnovers need to end as well.