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11-27-2009, 01:28 PM
Q n A session with the big guy. Not a whole lot of substance, but, here it is:

Ben Roethlisberger talked to reporters today for the first time since getting knocked out of the Steelers' 27-24 loss to the Kansas Chiefs last Sunday.

Here is a transcript of what Roethlisberger, who expects to play Sunday in Baltimore, said.

Q: Has this been a typical week despite what you went through last Sunday?
A: Yeah, its been a normal week. Weve got a big game Sunday night.

Q: Will you play Sunday?
A: Im planning on it.

Q: What have doctors told you?
A: Ive taken a thousand tests and passed them all with flying colors.

Q: Do you still have to take more tests?
A: I hope not. Ive taken so many. I dont foresee that but every day were meeting and upgrading and checking with things so if they tell me they want to do another one Ill just keep doing it.

Q: Did you have a concussion?
A: Im not a medical guy so I dont know. I can just tell the doctors what happened and what I felt. Its their medical expertise to evaluate that.

Q: Would you have gone back into the game had the offense gotten the ball back?
A: I would have asked for it. Dont know if I would have been allowed but I would have tried.

Q: Is it frustrating dealing with a concussion?
A: Its part of the nature of the beast of playing this game. Its a violent, physical contact sport and theres a chance youre going to get hit and dinged. You guys dont talk about the bruises we have all over our body. If I showed you a bruise on my shoulder and a bruise on my shin, it wouldnt get talked about as much. Its a violent sport we play.

Q: Arent violent and physical good descriptions of the rivalry with the Ravens?
A: This has been a rivalry thats been heated and well coached, well played since Ive been here so its going to be no different on Sunday.

Q: Was the hit that knocked you out of the game a clean one?
A: No question, it was not dirty at all.

Q: Do you worry about the cumulative effects of all these hits?
A: Im not worried because we have the best doctors. If I can go out and pass thousands of these tests and show that Im fine then Im not worried about it.

Q: Did you know something was wrong after you got hit?
A: It just kind of felt like I got hit pretty hard and kind of said, 'Let me catch my breath real quick,' and by that time the trainers were out there so I didnt get a chance to get up.

Q: What are you thankful for?
A: Im thankful to be alive, to have friends and family and even thankful for you guys sometimes.

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