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11-26-2009, 12:36 PM
1. Pie.

2. My Thanksgiving got much easier when I finally realized I could leave the lights on the Christmas tree and just collapse it and tie it into the box. The lights always take the most time.

3. America was the first country to declare a national holiday about giving thanks. And for those of you who don’t know the Pilgrims did not give thanks to the Indians for saving their lives. They gave thanks that they were no longer British.

4. The challenge for modern Thanksgiving celebrators is to be thankful for the football on Thanksgiving day; even when it features the Lion and the Cowboys.

5. The NFL Network doesn’t count. They have had some terrible Thanksgiving day games. In 2007 the 9-2 Colts clobbered the 3-8 Falcons 31-13. In 2008 the Cardinals got drubbed by the Eagles 48-20. 2009 features the Giants and the Broncos: two teams who, after fast starts have spent the past month desperately trying to figure out just how much they suck.

6. The Lions and the Cowboys both have silver and blue as their colors. The Lions and Cowboys both play Thanksgiving day games regardless of their organizational ineptitude or their being quarterbacked by Tony Romo. The NFL is not a meritocracy in its broadcasting.

7. The last time the Steelers played on Thanksgiving day they lost to the Lions. In the notorious “coin flip” game Jerome Bettis said “Its heads” and the referee heard “Tails.”

8. Pie. Thanksgiving is not about turkey and stuffing. It’s about pie. You must eat three slices of pie in order to properly celebrate Thanksgiving.

9. My wife got up at 4:00 AM with two of my daughters and they started cooking. When I finally woke up at 5:30 AM the house was infused with the smells that are only present on Thanksgiving day. And yes, I was reminded of how fortunate I am.

10. Yeah, I complain about the lame football games but I will watch them nonetheless. I complain about setting up the tree but I will enjoy it nonetheless. I complain because it’s fun to complain and as everyone knows, complainers make the most pleasant company. So thank you for joining me today.

11. Thank God for this day.

12. Thank God for allowing us to see another year.

13. Thank God for our families.

14. Thank God for our soldiers.

15. Thank God for our lousy economy because a lousy economy is better than no economy.

16. Thank God if you have a job and if you don’t thank Him for the one you WILL get.

17. And thank God for putting the Steeler Nation at the pinnacle of the modern NFL.

18. Happy Thanksgiving.

11-27-2009, 09:11 AM
:Clap :Clap Nice :Clap :Clap

11-28-2009, 01:08 AM
Well said, as usual. Thanks.