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11-23-2009, 10:22 AM
1. Looks like the Steelers will not go 13-3.


2. Expectations can be a ^%$#&. When you sit down at the beginning of the season with the Steelers schedule there are few games that you look at and immediately put a W in front of … in ink. But when you see the Chiefs on the schedule … the CHIEFS … you have an automatic non-cognitive action that goes with such stimulus. This non-cognitive action takes over whether the stimulus is the Chiefs, the Bengals or the Saints.


3. Excuses evaporate in the face of mounting evidence. We’ve been making excuses for this team’s losses up until this point. I am willing to admit that this team is nothing special.


4. A week after letting the Bengals take their season they choke up a game to one the NFL’s punching bags and I am still seeing posts that suggest that this loss will serve to sharpen the team’s focus on the upcoming games.

5. Embarrassing:
Crossing the arms doesn't help.

6. 2009 Steelers Special Teams Photo:

7. The Special Teams are HISTORICALLY bad. And it’s not two or three terrible games skewing their stats. Their “badness” has been remarkably resilient and consistent. Their coach should be fired.


8. I wonder how many more concussions before Ben retires.

9. Every season has a turning point and the people concerned rarely see it for what it is when it is happening. When this season is over we will likely look back on the Bengals game as the point at which the 2009 Steelers lost their season and the Chiefs game as the one in which they lost the wildcard.


10. My point is that the season is an iterative process in definition. Each game sharpens and defines the team … each week the focus becomes a little sharper and reveals who the Steelers are that year. We want to make excuses and downplay what happened against the Chiefs but honestly what happened was not an aberration. What happened yesterday has been happening all year. This is the 2009 Steelers: not good enough.

11. That’s not to say the season is lost. Admitting mediocrity is the first step in beating it. To do anything less begs the fans and players to continue expounding on the awesomeness of the emperor’s wardrobe. And this emperor is not only lacking clothes. He sort of looks like this guy right about now:


12. The Steelers lose to the Chiefs; the Browns lose to the Lions; the Bengals lose to the Raiders; the Ravens lost to the Colts. Interesting. So much for distinguishing themselves. This will teach them:

11-23-2009, 01:22 PM
I like the new format with pictures. Good stuff -- well done as always.