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11-17-2009, 04:37 PM
Crazy story...

A Pittsburgh Steelers fan says he was left blind and suffered memory loss after taking a drink from a Bears fan following a game at Soldier Field in September.

The Steelers had lost to the Bears and some trash-talking was going on between Zack Heddinger's group of Pittsburgh fans and a group of Bears fans at Kitty O'Shea's, his family says.

There was an "altercation between Bears and Pittsburgh fans," said Chicago Police Officer Laura Kubiak, citing a police report filed about the incident.

Later, Heddinger, 46, was offered a drink by one of the Chicago fans, a gesture he thought was a peace offering, his older sister Linda Heddinger said this morning. "My brother, trying to be a peacemaker, drank it," she said. "No one else did."

The police report notes Heddinger's group left the bar a short time later. At about 11 p.m., a call was made from their hotel for an ambulance.

Linda Heddinger said another sister received a call at about 2:30 a.m. from Rush University Medical Center that their brother's heart had stopped and he wasn't expected to survive.

By Thursday, Heddinger was still hospitalized; he was getting headaches and starting to lose his vision, his sister said.

Doctors told the family that alcohol alone would not explain his condition and believe the drink was spiked with grain alcohol, antifreeze or some kind of pesticide, Linda Heddinger said.

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