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10-28-2009, 07:45 PM
As this week is a little slower than normal, I thought I would share some things that normally take second fiddle to the upcoming game:

A few weeks back, in the couple of hours I spent at the Neptune Festival in Virginia Beach, I saw six people in Steelers gear, two in Ravens, and one Philadelphia Eagles fan. I hardly ever see a Redskins fan even though this is supposed to be their market. Steelers rule in the Tide Water area.

The wife and I recently visited friends in Jacksonville and I caught the Steelers/Browns game with a buddy in a nearby sports bar (wives watched the kids - whoo hoo!). Nice friendly place, but not very crowded, we sat at the bar and the owner put the Steelers game (with volume) on the main tv for us. This is while the Jaguars are playing at home. Even better, their game wasnít even on any of the tvs! BEERS WERE $1.50. By halftime, the bar was almost empty except for us. My buddy plays in the same football pool, so we talk smack throughout the season (he is a Philadelphia fan). Near the end of the game, he said that he used to think I was full of it when I would mentioned the refs and biased calls against the Steelers, but after watching that game, he agrees with me. When they were replaying the Hines Ward TD, I told him that they would probably overturn it. He was amazed when they didÖ

Also, is it me or do the majority of flags against the Steelers offense only happen when they have a positive play, and usually well after the play has begun?

Havenít heard anyone mention NFL Redzone. Guessing its because most of you donít have COMCAST. If you know someone with COMCAST, CHECK IT OUT. When a team gets in the redzone, the show switches to that game. If there are two teams driving, it will show both games in a split screen. There are no commercials and if nobody is in the red zone, or that game goes to a commercial time out, they will switch to the best game at the time. OMG, it is freakin amazing. Football Nirvana. I caught it down in Jacksonville (I have Cox) and am p1ssed that I canít get it here.

BTW, I taped the half hour show on ESPN 2 on Renegade today and am about to watch it. Thanks for the heads up. This board is awesome!

10-28-2009, 08:26 PM
I have the RedZone Channel and watch on every Sunday whenever the Steelers are on the road (because if they are at home, I am in Pittsburgh and not watching on T.V.). Great way to keep up with what is going on in the entire league all at once.

10-29-2009, 02:51 PM
so if 3 teams are in the redzone, they put all three games on the screen???? thats is quite amazing if true

10-29-2009, 03:26 PM
so if 3 teams are in the redzone, they put all three games on the screen???? thats is quite amazing if true

No, then they switch to the one that is immediately running a play. I get in on Directv and it is freakin amazing. You never have to change a channel.

Word of warning ... do not put it on if you are planning on getting any work around the house done. I put it on one week and the Ravens were in the red zone so I told the wife I would cut the grass right after I see if the Ravens score. They did ( :ratsuck ) but the red zone channel immediately went to another game where I wanted to see if the Patriots would score (they didn't). This went on and on and needless to say I never did get the grass cut. Hell, at times I have trouble going to the fridge for a beer because I don't want to miss what's going on.

The guy that announces the switch from game to game is pretty sarcastic and funny at times. He says stuff like "and now back to the Pittsburgh game to see if the officials can take another TD away from Hines Ward" or "here's a rarity, we are going to the raiders game because THEY are in the red zone".