View Full Version : Calling all Offensive Gurus

10-22-2009, 08:16 PM
I know we have been playing some cellar dwellars but its a lot of fun watching the efficiency of the offense with both the pass and run.

Maybe they do not want to show too many plays but I do not understand why they do not try to run more traditional RB screens. I know Ben throws the quick WR screens which is supposedly a BA original and usually gets us at least three to four yards. {Would love to see Logan get one of these with Holmes and Ward blocking in front}

My question is have we seen any of the teams so far try to Blitz and confuse Ben like last years Philly game or is our OL & RB's truly jelling and are in synch. It will be interesting on how we try to neutraliza a game changer like Allen.
In my opinion there have been on average 1 to 2 sacks a game that were on the OL and maybe 1-2 sacks a game on Ben waiting longer than 3 seconds.

Ben constantly seems to be looking for the big play and the longest pattern to develop. It worked wonders in Cleveland were Ben picked them apart when they were in zone. Against a tougher defense I hope he uses his safety valve like Mendy or Moore out on a flat more. Its great to be making plays and feeling like you could break some of those tackles but the pounding will take its toll.

Anyways, only seeing a small part of the plays on the TV I was wondering if anyone has seen some live games to where they could see why defenses are having trouble right now and why we are starting to hit on all cylinders with all our weapons in yardage production.

10-22-2009, 09:30 PM
Most of the time, the defenses are still trying to stop the run with 8 sometimes 9 men up front. Especially at the on set of the game. With that, there's bound to be Wr's open. We're making plays, but the running game is going to have to get better down the stretch. Our play calling last week was actually pretty even, even though Ben had 417 yards in the passing game. It was like 36 passes to 35 runs. Very balanced, and that will have to continue.

This will be a test this weekend against another 4-3 front. Something we were struggling at.

Personally, I'd still like to see a real FB in there at times to help in the running game, but BA is against that. Until we lose again, he'll get that free pass.