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10-11-2009, 09:35 AM
Saturday, October 10, 2009
Lions' Larry Foote gets his first crack back at Steelers
Tim Twentyman / The Detroit News
http://www.detnews.com/article/20091010 ... t-Steelers (http://www.detnews.com/article/20091010/SPORTS0101/910090447/1126/sports/Lions--Larry-Foote-gets-his-first-crack-back-at-Steelers)

Allen Park -- A scorned linebacker looking for a little payback is a dangerous thing in the NFL.

After seven years of loyal service that included two Super Bowl rings, Lions linebacker Larry Foote was discarded by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the off-season in lieu of younger, fresher talent.

That's the business of the NFL sometimes, but it still left a nasty taste in Foote's mouth.

"They knew I was a three-down linebacker. I think it came down to a political situation," Foote said of the Steelers choosing not to resign him. "They had the first-round pick behind me (Lawrence Timmons, No. 15 overall pick in 2007) and they had to get him on the field, and it took some of my snaps away."

When the Steelers play the Lions at Ford Field on Sunday, Foote, for the first time, will line up opposing the team that drafted him out of Michigan in the fourth round in 2002.

"Any time a team lets a player go, you want to show them they made a mistake," Foote said. "That's definitively in my mind. If we get a (win), it's going to be even sweeter."

The Steelers' loss has been the Lions' gain. Foote leads the Lions with 34 tackles, eight more than cornerback Anthony Henry, who has the second-most.

Timmons missed the Steelers' first game against Tennessee and hasn't been the player the Steelers had hoped he be so far this season. He has just 10 tackles over his last three games.

Foote wasn't released by the Steelers until after the NFL draft. Foote initially was upset by the delay because he thought it hurt his chances to sign with another team, before money was spent on draft picks.

But because he signed with the Lions so late in the offseason, he already knew a game against the Steelers was on the Lions' schedule, and he has been chomping at the bit to get at his old teammates.

"I had it circled, highlighted, posted up, and I'm looking forward to it," Foote said.

"I get my shot at (Ben Roethlisberger) and hopefully I don't miss like everybody else in the league. Willie Parker (toe injury) -- I hope he plays. We've been doing so much trash talking -- what we'd do to each other if we met in a real game. So hopefully he's healthy and he's out there."

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said Foote was one of his favorite players in Pittsburgh, and he fully expects to hear some smack from his former player Sunday.

"This guy is a good football player," Tomlin said. "He's made a bunch of plays for (the Lions). If I know Larry, he's going to provide a bunch of WWE talk prior to the game, but he'll always step into the stadium ready to back it up. We like Larry."

Foote was a staple of the Steelers' linebacking corps for the last five seasons. He led the team in tackles during their Super Bowl championship season in 2005.

He admits it will be a little strange facing that familiar black and gold helmet for the first time, but he's excited at the chance to prove to the Steelers that he's still an elite linebacker.

"Hopefully, I don't get dinged up (disoriented) and walk to their sideline," Foote said, laughing. "That won't look good."

10-12-2009, 02:58 PM
nice tribute how everyone did the foot stomp, did harrison do it too, i forget, he never celebrates..

10-12-2009, 03:17 PM
nice tribute how everyone did the foot stomp, did harrison do it too, i forget, he never celebrates..

He did, and it just didn't seem right. Mean dudes like that shouldn't celebrate.

10-12-2009, 04:24 PM
It may have been meant to be a tribute, but usually when a player does someone else's celebration it is a form or taunting. That is sort of what it looked like to me (whether intended or not).

10-12-2009, 06:19 PM
it looked lto me like harrison was saying "I'll do it for you since you aint coming close to my quarterback" he also did it facing the lions bench. i thought it was awesome.