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Linebacker Foote still talks a good game

Thursday, October 8, 2009
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The area where linebacker Larry Foote dressed qualified as one of the more lively places in the Steelers' locker room as recently as last season. The chatter that is so familiar to his former teammates will be cranked up again Sunday when the Steelers visit the Detroit Lions for a 1 p.m. game.

And that's not just because Foote played here for seven seasons and is still close friends with many of the Steelers players.

"Have you ever known him to be quiet?" inside linebacker James Farrior said of Foote, who now mans the middle of the Lions' new-look defense. "I think he came out of the womb talking."

Foote, true to his personality, had plenty to say about the years he spent in Pittsburgh and why his time with the Steelers came to an end.

Foote, while still a little upset that the Steelers did not grant his wish to be released before last May, said everything worked out for the best and that he'll always look back fondly on his days as a Steeler.

"The good definitely outweighs the bad or any negativity in my opinion," Foote said Wednesday during a conference call with Pittsburgh reporters. "I wish they had released me in February when I had a good chance of getting picked up and making a little more money. I'm so happy where I'm at right now. I'm going to be a part of turning this thing around in my hometown."

Foote has already made in impact in his native Detroit despite having to transition from a 3-4 to a 4-3 defense.

The seventh-year veteran has 34 tackles and a sack through four games. And the Lions, who went 0-16 in 2008, notched a victory in the third week of the season.

The Lions signed Foote to provide a stabilizing influence on defense and help change the culture of losing that had taken hold in the organization.

They also got a world-class talker both on and off the field but one that endears him to teammates because of his colorful personality.

When asked about dressing near Foote when the two were teammates, Steelers running back Willie Parker smiled.

"He was a loudmouth, and me having him right beside me I kind of caught hell every day," Parker said. "He picked on the way I dressed, he picked on all the little things. I do miss him, and he's definitely a friend for life."

Foote could have returned to Pittsburgh for at least one more season, and the Steelers wanted him back,

They, in fact, likely would have played Foote at right inside linebacker in their base defense and used Lawrence Timmons there in passing situations an arrangement that worked well for them in 2008.

But Foote wanted to go to a team for which he could play every down.

That is why he requested that the team release him with one year left on his contract shortly after the Steelers won Super Bowl XLIII.

"During the (2008 season) I saw my snaps go down and I'm still in my prime," the 29-year-old Foote said. "I've got to go or you've got to get me more snaps is the way I looked at it."

He said the Steelers "screwed me a little bit" by not releasing him before the draft in late April.

But, Foote added, "I ain't got nothing but respect for that organization. It's a Class A organization, they always treated me with respect. Unfortunately, the business side happens a little bit.

"But on both sides we always were respectful of each other. I've got fond memories of those guys, and I loved the time that I was there."

Foote unplugged

Larry Foote has never been at a loss of words, something his former Steelers teammates will re-discover Sunday when they play against Foote and the Lions in Detroit. Here are some highlights of what Foote, who played for the Steelers from 2002-08, said Wednesday during a conference call with reporters:

On the possibility that running back Willie Parker won't play Sunday against the Lions because of turf toe:

"All these years Willie Parker's been saying, 'What if we play against each other? What would happen?' His butt better be ready to play."

On whether he expects a lot of Steelers fans to attend Sunday's game in Detroit:

"I hate to say it, but I'm quite sure there's going to be a lot of them there. Hopefully, we keep their butt quiet."

On Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward:

"He told me last year if he ever played against me he wasn't going to crack-back on me, so I'm hoping he stays true to his word."

On how his final season went here even though he was disenchanted about sharing time at inside linebacker:

"I had a great time with my guys, and I knew my role. Was I happy with it? No, but I knew my role and I played it. I never would let my attitude disrupt the team. I love those guys. Even Lawrence Timmons, we had a great relationship and I never looked at him funny."

On whether his familiarity with the Steelers' defense will help the Lions in their preparation:

"I shared a couple of words with our guys this week, but that Steelers defense is so exotic. I just tell them, watch for everything."

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good article i hope he does not stick his FOOTe in his mouth too much on the field....sorry