View Full Version : holy offense

10-05-2009, 07:38 AM
I am going to say it..
that is the best offense I have ever seen the Steelers run, maybe we cannot get mad at the Steelers for not going for the kill bc just like last week, we scored points, it was just that our defense let the game get closer than it should have (how weird is that).
-Happy that Mendy had a breakout game, he ran like he had a full head of steam every time, loved watching him run.
-Big Ben- 26-32, he had 4 drops from what I saw, he played the best statistical game of his career IMO, perfect pocket presence, stepped up and delivered strikes all night long.
-OL, looked realy good, especially the right side for Mendy, the 3 sacks given up were not bad sacks,

-We needed to win with the offense and we did not play it safe, we won because they (BA) let Ben throw the ball with under 5 minutes, they trusted him and as he showed them, the game will be put away if the offense has the ball,

- Still do not know if the run establised the pass or if the pass established the run, we ran our offense at will on them......