View Full Version : THIS IS AN AWESOME GAME!

09-27-2009, 10:17 AM
As stated....I did go for the LIONS this week....I thought this was the ONLY week they legitimately had a chance of winning in the first 5! Starting in week 6, I picked games I though had 2 .500 or abonve teams, and the LIONS were never in that grouping!

I really got into this as a request from Doogie36.....we compete and EVERYTHING.....so despite being top 10, I am above him FOR NOW in the bragging rights department.

No matter where I end up this season, I will be back next week. Not really sure what the heck I was thinking when I picked week 2......but it paid off for me! I think it was one of the higher points games of the week....damn GIANTS FG with 0:04 seconds left!

OH WELL.....GO LIONS.....but I took the SKINS -6.5 points in a 3 team teaser...LOL!