View Full Version : Salute to the Steelers - NFLN

09-19-2009, 12:08 PM
Just saw this show this morning. A little fluff piece on last years Super Bowl team featuring three guys that all but Steeler fans would say "whos that guy?" - Retkofsky, McHugh, and Eason.

Nothing was shown that I didn't know about Retkofsky (furniture mover) and McHugh (Lions reject). But I didn't know that Eason was a fourth round pick of the Broncos in 2003. He even had a crew at his house for the draft. He came across as a nice guy, but listening to him made me think he is just not aware (thats the best I can describe him). He disappeared for a while during his first training camp, showed him giving up on a play involving Ben when he was with the Browns (not going 100% all the time was implied as a problem), and didn't recognize Tomlin when they brought him in for a free agent visit.

The other half of the show was about two photographers and how they tried to capture Santonio's Super Bowl catch. So the first 15 minutes were ok, but two of the three guys are not even contributers this year.