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09-14-2009, 07:58 PM
I have read almost universal derision over the OL play last week. But go here for a pretty detailed and different opinion (too long to copy). The summary is that the OL graded out fairly well in the first half considering the D scheme. Maybe it will change a few minds:



stlrz d
09-14-2009, 08:51 PM
I don't think our O line is all that great...but the Titans clearly sold out to completely shut down the run and make Ben beat them.

09-14-2009, 09:06 PM
That wasn't a bad breakdown at all. The author was glossing things over a bit as every single lineman with the exception of Hartwig missed a block in the first four series which would have made a huge difference in protection or opening up a hole (Colon missed 2 & Essex actually missed 3). As mentioned, Miller missed one as well. To top it off, there was almost no push by our line and I saw a poor job of sealing off the edge on a couple of occasions.

That said, Ben should have dumped the ball off on the 19-yard sack (although Essex basically missed two blocks on the play) and he got perfect protection on the underthrow to Wallace as well as on the pick.

Parker looked very tentative on one run, failed to follow his lead back on the same play, and on another he chose to run straight at the pile while a huge hole was just sitting there to his left. Mendy had the catastrophe with running into Ben and he didn't get any down field blocking on a run around the right end.

I thought the line did a great job in the no-huddle as well. Granted the defense was getting gassed in the 4th quarter and maybe they did only rush four guys for the most part, but there was almost zero pressure. Now I didn't go back and look at the game after those first 4 series, but my recollection was that they did a solid job.

Tennessee did stack the line quite a bit and was very good at defeating some blocks where our guys were at least in position. Considering the competition, I thought it was a decent performance by the line but they need to get out on guys with a little more aggressiveness and not have so many single breakdowns. Ben had a very crappy start and Willie ran with no vision or authority.