View Full Version : why the love affair with quarterbacks?

09-14-2009, 07:00 PM
Its getting disgusting. I just saw a breakdown of Jay Cutler's horrid performance sunday on NFL Network. In short, the Ram's ex coach ( i forget his name but he is horrible) said that most of the 4 picks thrown by Cutler were the fault of the recievers. If you saw this game you would know how ridiculous this statement is. There were at least 2 picks that were dropped which would have made 6 picks Cutler played horrible and none of those passes should have been thrown in the terrible way that they were (straight to the defender). On one occasion the play brokedown and the reciever started to look for an opening. The db was between him and quarterback so he went upfield to the opening away from the db. What does the golden boy Cutler do? he throws the ball directly to the db, as if he wanted his wr to comeback INTO THE COVERAGE. wow this ex coach thought this was the recievers fault.

Then there was the USC vs OSU college game when im supposed to believe that i saw the coming of age of the next golden boy. All I saw was No. 4 RB McKnight rip the OSU defense to shreds and then have to watch the freshmen USC Qb get most of the credit when he actually didn't have to do much.

Let's hope Lovie Smith tells Culter that none of the picks were his fault and that he should continue to play the same. LEt's also hope that Ike Taylor catches the ball because it will be thrown directly to him. Catch the ball Ike. Go Steelers.