View Full Version : Ben's Comebacks

09-12-2009, 03:00 PM
I was thinking about those 20 comebacks that Roethlisberger has authored in the 4th quarter or overtime. It seems to be the topic with a lot of national media right now and I was wondering what his success rate was in those situations.

Has he ever failed to deliver?

I know we got the ball back after Garrard's big TD run, but there was almost no time left on the clock. I can also remember another game a couple of years ago with that same scenario (I forgot who it was against). But with a reasonable amount of time left in a game and we're either tied or within a score, has Ben ever failed to deliver?

Someone help me on this 'cause I don't feel like digging that up and my memory kind of sucks. Even if it's only one or two times where he didn't come through, that's still one hell of a percentage and an even greater barometer of his clutch play.