View Full Version : Help! ATT Uverse - record and watch simultaneously?

09-06-2009, 09:17 PM
This is horrible, our son's school open house is on Thursday night. Some of you might remember how I skipped a swim meet last year to watch a playoff game, and the "lesson I learned", so I definitely want to go to this thing.

We have ATT uverse. I'd like to get home around 9:30PM (10:30 PM Pittsburgh time), and watch the first half while the 2nd half is still being recorded. We don't have TiVo.

Does anyone know if ATT Uverse DVR can do this? I've gone to their online help, but can't find where/how/if that can be done.

Thanks for any help?

P.S. Worse come to worse, I'll get up early or something to watch the whole game, but that could wind up being really sucky under certain circumstances ...