View Full Version : The Digital Transition

06-16-2009, 09:51 PM
I know most people watch their locals through cable or satellite, but because of my
location, I have an interest in over-the-air signals. When the browns and the Steelers
play on the same date, time, and network, our locals broadcast the browns over the
Steelers, so I have to watch on Pittsburghs KDKA, which is hit or miss that time of the

I have a $30 antenna mounted very much half-arsed on a tower next to my house and
depending on the time of day, I can point it at Pittsburgh and pick up all the Pittsburgh
locals, plus my Youngstown locals, and even a few Cleveland channels without turning
the antenna.

Usually the signal is stronger in the summer, and even more strong in the early morning.
When I got home from work this morning I decided to reprogram my tuner and I picked
up a channel with the call sign WTAJ. I looked it up and was shocked to find it's a station
in Altoona, about 165 miles from my house. Of course I lost it just before noon, as
well as Pittsburghs WTAE (ABC) and WPGH (FOX). I never lose WPXI (NBC) no matter
what time of the year and (KDKA) will usually go out late September.

The main channels I care about for football season are KDKA and WPGH. I've been waiting
to see how this transition played out and was hoping that I wouldn't have to make any
adjustments, but it looks like the transition didn't really improve my signal for those two
channels as well as WTAE. Looks like I'll have to find a way to get up there and mount
the antenna on my tower correctly. But that will probably cost some $. :x

You can't beat free HD quality programming. I have so many channels, if it wasn't for
the NFL Network and two or three other cable channels, I'd cancel Direct Tv all together.