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05-17-2009, 11:54 PM
Ranking by Smashmouth (top draft guru and Steeler analyst)

I have done some extensive research on the Steelers for the past 13 NFL drafts. I love the NFL draft, I try and make it an event where my wife makes her specialities, I get the TV to my self and have my own draft board on who I want and when I want us to take each player. It is a time to welcome in some new Steelers. It is usually a great time for fans and the Steeler organization as recently we have drafted Big Ben, Heath, Troy, Timmons, Woodley and so on to help build our team into the championship caliber team that we are. (Most teams can't boast this fact).

Anyways I have developed a system that ranks our past drafts from 1996-2008. It is a system that grades out as follows: I graded each player taken and gave that player anything from an A+ to an F.

A+ = 100
A = 95
A- = 92
B+ = 88
B = 85
B- = 82
C+ = 78
C = 75
C- = 72
D+ = 68
D = 65
D- = 62
F = 0

Also if a player is a Franchise QB I added 50 pts to the total draft in which he was taken (BEN'S 2004 DRAFT CLASS)

If a player was taken and has been a multiple pro-bowl player or SB MVP and received an A+ Ranking he got an additional 25 pts added on for his draft class (Troy P's 2003 draft)

I then totaled the pts for a whole draft class and divided by the # of picks we had that year.


#1-26 S. HOLMES A+ PLUS BONUS OF 25= 125
#3-83 A. SMITH D- =62 pts I was nice here (still believe he has talent) Late 3
#3-95 W. REID F =0 PTS
#4-131 W. COLON B =85 PTS Decent talent and a starter in RND 4
#4-133 O. HARRIS D- = 62 PTS (Nice here also; is still in league)
#5-164 O. JACOBS F = 0 PTS
#5-167 C. DAVIS F = 0 PTS
6-201 M. PHILIP F =0 PTS
7-240 C. HUMES F =0 PTS

For a grand total of 334 pts divided by 9 picks= final score of 37

I graded out a player according to stats, what round we got him and player talent level.

A top tier draft class would receive anywhere between a 53-85.
A bottom tier draft would be anything below a 35.


TOP DRAFT CLASS: 2002- 77 PTS (Simmons, El, Hope, Foote, Keisel)
2007- 60 PTS (Timmons, Woodley, Spaeth, Sep and Gay)= 4 start
1998- 53 PTS (Faneca, Ward and Townsend)
2003- 52 PTS *Few picks but we got Troy and Ike
2005- 51 PTS (Heath, Kemo, McFadden
2001- 48 PTS If it wasn't for Hampton, total waste
1999- 45 PTS Tons of picks (Porter and A. Smith best)
2000- 44 PTS Plax gets a B- Talent but a clown
2008- 43 PTS (Mendy got a B-, But still can improve)
2006- 37 PTS Holmes makes draft, Colon decent pick
2004- 31 PTS (Ben 150 pts; Max got a B, all others F)
1996- 30 PTS E. Holmes in 4th; C. Emmons in 7th
1997- 29 PTS Only good pick Vrable--left soon after

I know its not a perfect system but it works for now. The 2008 draft class that I ranked can increase or decrease in score. Too early to rank. Feel free to rank these same draft classes and the reasonings behind him. If you would like a players score just ask and I will be glad to show you what ranking I gave that certain player.

Some notes: Alot of travel of Steeler players to Pats and Cards (like you already didn't know this)

1974 draft class would of been an 85 easily. 4 hall of famers. Teams can't even grade against this draft.

Two guys on this pasts draft that have a chance to unexpectedly shine: R. Harris and M. Wallace. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR RANKINGS AND HOPE YOU ENJOY SMASH'S DRAFT SUMMARY!