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04-29-2009, 07:33 PM
Ok I want to do something to help out other Steelers blogs in the community and to do that I plan to review several blogs on the net. Starting with 'Planet Steelers', which is one of my favorite blogs on the net.

In exchange for the free publicity and rating, I would like to ask for each blog I rate or their members, to do the same for my blog, Pittsburgh Blitz (http://pittsburgh-blitz.com).

Click Here to learn more. (http://pittsburgh-blitz.com/blitz-blog/give-pittsburgh-blitz-your-opinion.php)

I have put together a five star rating system that I will use for each blog that consist of the following aspects...

1. Visual Appeal

2. Layout / Navigation

3. Content

4. Useful Steelers info

5. Users & Comments

Check back April 30th for the review. Don't worry it will be great!!!

Pittsburgh Blitz (http://pittsburgh-blitz.com)