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04-26-2009, 10:05 PM
.....will be a nice addition to any NFL team. ...is the type of hard working, blue collar lineman that makes NFL running games look good. He is a relentless run blocker who plays with a real mean streak. .....has played 36 games at guard and played 16 games at right tackle. He lacks the speed to play tackle in the NFL, but his experience against edge rushers will help him with the quicker defensive tackles he'll see in the pros. ...has excellent upper body strength and eats bull rushers alive when pass blocking. .....is a smart player who can adapt to fit the system he's asked to play in. He is always aware in pass protection and does a nice job of coming off his block to pick up other defenders. ....is slower than most teams prefer at guard, but makes up for it with intelligent play and hard work. He is likely to be a third round pick and the fourth guard taken overall.
..... had a solid NFL Combine in February. He ran a 5.35 second 40 yard dash, which is a solid time for a player his size. He also showed good technique during position drills. .....is still a candidate to be selected in the third round.


....is very polished having four years and 49 starts under his belt. He rarely ever misses a block and was penalized very few times last season on a line that seemed to be committing a lot of fouls. Uses great technique and is very efficient in the way he blocks. Had somewhat of a midseason slump, .....this past year. A very big tackle prospect who has good athleticism, but is still better off as a RT prospect. Better run blocker than pass blocker.
Had trouble with lighter quicker ends. Dealt with a little bit of inconsistency and really doesn't provide much upside. He is either a huge and slightly overmatched RT or just another RG.
Solid prospect who really could come in and play somewhere immediately. Probably somewhat overrated because of a bad and injury plagued senior season. However, sometime early on the 2nd day seems right.

Kraig Urbik