View Full Version : Great quote by Trent Dilfer/ Ziggy Hood...

Mister Pittsburgh
04-26-2009, 11:45 AM
Trent Dilfer just had a great quote. It was regarding Percy Harvin and Minnesota taking him despite testing positive for weed. I guess he also was banned from playing high school football for a period as well as his college troubles, and the weed issue. Anyway, Trent said this...

"Money makes you more of what you were, before you got it".

I thought that is a great and true statement and can really make us feel good as Steelers fans that our team does a pretty good job of drafting solid guys. Our players aren't perfect but for the most part do a pretty good job of keeping their noses clean. All I have read about Ziggy Hood is he is a very solid if not dynamic player and also a great person off the field. Steelers type all the way!