View Full Version : Todd's Updated Mock for 03/21/09

03-21-2009, 11:43 AM
These are projected rankings for each player from pro scout

Round 1 DE Tyson Jackson from LSU 6 foot 4 296 LB's (Projected late 1st round)
Round 2 OG Kraig Urbik from Wisconsin 6 Foot 5 328 LB's (projected late 2nd, early 3rd)
Round 3A CB Morgan Trent from Michigan 6 Foot 1 193 LB's (projected late 3rd, early 4th)
Round 3B C Antonie Caldwell from Alabama 6 foot 3 309 LB's(projected late 3rd, early 4th)
Round 4 WR Patrick Turner from USC 6 foot 5 223 LB's (projected late 4th, early 5th)
Round 5 DT Sammie Lee Hill from Stillman College 6 Foot 4 329 LB's (Late 5th, early 6th)
Round 6 OT Ramon Foster from Tennessee 6 Foot 5 328 LB's (proj late 6th, early 7th)
Round 7A ILB Anthony Felder from Cal 6 Foot 2 233 LB's (proj late 7th)
Round 7B David Johnson from Arkansas State 6 foot 2 260 LB's (proj late 7th)

03-21-2009, 01:59 PM
Interesting Mock...like Ty Jackson, Sammie Hill, Urbik, Felder, Johnson and Turner. I would be happy if Steelers get them.

But I am not sure if Steelers will burn a 1st RD pick on a DE.

Our Tackles are under contract till next yr so i don't think they will draft a OT in Rd 1 unless a stud Tackle falls but they will look for an OT who will replace them in a year or so. Hampton will also be in his last yr of his contract and Steelers will have to find a replacement for him. Sweed is our 3rd Receiver. Steelers need to either get a veteran WR in FA or draft a WR early in the draft.

OG/DT/WR are Steelers need in first Rd.... :2c

03-23-2009, 07:54 AM
That is an excellent Mock draft