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03-15-2009, 08:30 PM
Steeler report: Colbert says signing one of own, is a big free agent signing for Steelers
March 15, 2:00 AM ·

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PITTSBURGH - The Steelers are now 0-2 when it comes for signing the free agents they have brought to town in hopes of replacing the two that left.

Chris Carr accepted a two year $5 million deal with the Ravens, while Joey Galloway has signed a one-year deal with the Patriots.

Should that be a concern? The answer is no and here is why. When asked recently about the type of player the Steelers are looking for, Director of football operations Kevin Colbert had this to say.

"You have to feel that a certain player will be a good fit," Colbert said recently. "If you’re bringing in a player from the outside in either free agency or the draft, you have to feel that they can fit into your current group of players. You know the personality of your team and you’re looking for a personality that may be able to add to that."

By not offering either a deal prior to them leaving means Colbert and co. saw something that needed some thought. Maybe it was the personality, maybe it was the fact they were not a good fit.

So unlike the New England Patriots, or tossing dollars around like a stimulus package such as Dan Snyder has done in Washington, the Steelers have continued to do what has made them successful since the days of Chuck Noll. There is no pushing of the panic button, instead it's taking care of their own first, then finding someone to plug a hole.

If a player such as Carr or Galloway want to sign elsewhere for money, then the Steelers made the right decision. While money is a big part of the game today, the Steelers would rather use it on their home groomed guys instead of a player from another system.

Thus far that is exactly what the Steelers have done. They made Max Starks their franchise player for $8.5 million for one year, signed restricted right tackle Willie Colon to a $2.2 million tender., and also signed Chris Kemoeatu to a five-year, $20 million contract with a bonus of nearly $4 million.

"For us, when we sign back one of our players, that is a big free agent signing," Colbert said. " We like to reinvest in our own. For the most part, if you sign your own, you don’t have a lot of salary cap left to work with so then you have to do a good job and maybe get a Keyaron Fox who comes in and does his role on special teams. You kind of know what you’re looking for and then just try to find that right guy to fit.”

03-15-2009, 10:13 PM
With that in mind, we need to get Trai Essex back in here. We need some veteran OL depth.