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03-13-2009, 10:26 PM
Mar 13, 2009 8:51 pm US/Eastern
Steelers Banners Stolen From Public Works Dept.PITTSBURGH (KDKA) ?

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Some of the fans who raced to purchase the city's Steelers Super Bowl banners will not get them.

That's because 11 of them were stolen out of the city's Public Works garage.

Public Works Director Guy Costa is very angry about the incident, calling it a stupid act by one or two employees. He promises they will be caught and prosecuted.

There's only one or two banners left. There were 50 to start with. Five were stolen right off the poles downtown and 11 were stolen form the basement of the Public Works building.

They were covered up and behind a locked fence and another locked door.

The banner heist was an inside job.

Costa says there's a lot of public works employees who have keys to that particular place in the building.

The city was trying to do something nice for Steelers fans with the banners. They were hanging all over the central business district.

The city decided to take them down, selling them at cost for $150 and fans snatched them up fast.

In fact, they are already increasing in value. One is on eBay selling for more than $200 with a promise that it wasn't stolen.

eBay is one of the places investigators will look for someone trying to sell the stolen property.

Costa says if you know who took the banners, call the city's 311 line. You don't have to leave a name.

Meantime, lists of employees that entered the building have been given to police. Detectives will soon start questioning them.