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02-26-2009, 02:01 AM
Steelers legacy trashed by FoxSports columnist

February 24, 3:00 PM
by Matt Pawlikowski, Pittsburgh Sports Examiner

http://www.examiner.com/x-2703-Pittsbur ... -columnist (http://www.examiner.com/x-2703-Pittsburgh-Sports-Examiner~y2009m2d24-Steelers-legacy-trashed-by-FoxSports-columnist)

Fox News claims to be fair, balanced and everywhere.

Maybe FoxSports.com columnist Mark Kreigel should take heed of those words.

This coming after an article he published on the FoxSports web site Feb. 13, about the Steelers. I don't understand where he is coming from, and for those who take time to dissect it, I think you'll agree.

It's not in the positive mold, instead it is highly negative, and why?

Maybe its the fact he is sore the Steelers won a sixth Lombardi the week before. Maybe he's sore over the fact the Yankees, despite dishing out 8 billion dollars each year have not won a World Championship in eight years.

Whatever the reason, Kreigel in his ultimate wisdom has decided that the Steelers need an asterisk by No 6.Hines Ward celebrates Steelers sixth world championship.

His reasoning? All the Steelers of the great teams of the 1970's were juiced.

You know, the lineman, the receivers, the guy who took tickets at Gate B in Three Rivers, maybe even the Iron City Beer guy in section 534. OK, thats exaggerating a bit, but still it gets to the point.

Where does he come up with this brainchild of an story? Was it the fact he hated being in Tampa the week before instead of up north writing stories about Brett Farve? Was it perhaps the fajita's they served in the Ray-Jay box during the Super Bowl?

The simple answer; it's because he is upset over the A-Roid thing and needed a way to justify those actions.

Well Mark, there is a big difference between Alex Rodriquez of 2009 and the 1970 Pittsburgh Steelers.

For starters, it was a different era, and a much different sport. Unlike today where there are rules in baseball; and a guy lies on National television, then changes his mind ( that would be A-Rod if you are keeping tabs), the NFL did not have definitive rules at the time regarding steroid use. Those were implemented in 1989.

Kreigel seems to do what Fox News is especially good at, reporting a story without the facts. His attempt is an effort to tarnish a team because it is a slow news day. It is pure BLASPHEMY.

If Kreigel, who has authored two New York Times best sellers had researched his facts, he would have found that unlike he printed, steroid use did not begin in the 1970's with the Steelers, but back in the 1960's with the San Diego Chargers.

What bothers me is that just two sources are cited for the accusation, and only one first person. That guy , Kim Wood who was with the Bengals of all teams. Are you kidding me? The Steelers repeatedly beat up on Cincy, going 14-6 during that period. Do you think there may be some resentment there?

There are no quotes from any player from the Steelers or the organization directly, instead the facts come from what a backup player who was trying to make the roster, Steve Courson, wrote in his book along with a newspaper article that was printed five years ago.

He fails to mention the Rooney's response in that article too.

The interesting thing is he works for the same organization (Fox) that Hall of Famer and former Steeler great Terry Bradshaw does, but fails to mention Bradshaw at all and the fact he admitted to steroid use, even though it was not performance enhancing, instead legal cortisone steroids, which were used then for an injury.

Those are called Corticosteroids, which are used to reduce inflammation, and are not on the NFL's list of banned substances meaning even today, they are legal.

Kreigel does mention Rocky Bleier, and yes it is true he did use a steroid; the same cortisone for healing purposes that Bradshaw used.

Funny how he failed to mention that Bleier had his leg injured in Vietnam when his platoon was ambushed in a rice patty. Now there is a story to write about.

Oh,how Harvey Levin's TMZ type journalism seems to sell, especially when its about a team from a town best know for its blue collar work ethic and a history of smoke and coal instead of fancy restaurants and the heart of a failing economy in Wall Street.

But before bashing a team that children grew up idolizing, one owned by the finest individuals in professional sports, the Rooney family...And all because you're upset a guy lies and suddenly is in the national spotlight, and suddenly feel there is a problem ,here's something to chew on.

Do some research. The Steelers had one of the most sophisticated strength training programs back in the 1970's and its coach ( Chuck Noll) adamantly preached against using any performance enhancing substance's.

And it was Noll's knack for finding talent and teaching that led to the principles of success not only then ,but still stand ing pat in the organization today.

Maybe writing some intersting fodder like Plaxico Burress shooting himself in his leg would be more newsworthy. Perhaps you can blame that on the Steelers too, considering he started his career in Pittsburgh.

02-26-2009, 02:19 AM

Thank goodness someone in the media finally stood up and printed something against this weasel! That article he wrote was an attack on an organization that does things the right way and doesn't have to buy a championship, like his loved Yankees! Hey bud stick to what you know, overpaid over juiced athletes in NY.

02-26-2009, 10:52 AM

Thank goodness someone in the media finally stood up and printed something against this weasel! That article he wrote was an attack on an organization that does things the right way and doesn't have to buy a championship, like his loved Yankees! Hey bud stick to what you know, overpaid over juiced athletes in NY.

every Yankee fan is in panic mode over ARoid. I give 2 dumps...
I blame the MLB more then anything.... how do you test players anonymously, to see if roids is a problem? If you have to test then it's a f#cking problem.... just test and punish and get it over with...

all the back in 03 and back in 98 is a waste of time. I hate baseball fans who act like ignorant babies when it comes to roids.

stlrz d
02-26-2009, 12:19 PM
Hey, our own version of Steve DeClueless...except he makes sense!

I just wish he knew it was rice paddy and not rice patty. :P

02-26-2009, 12:20 PM

nuff said....

02-26-2009, 12:22 PM

One good pic sometimes deserves another. Foxsports douche....

02-26-2009, 12:53 PM
Regardless if the Steelers players were juiced or not...There shouldn't be any mark on it. It is widely known that many teams in the NFL in that era had steroid issues. It wasn't banned until 1983. Teams in the cellar had issues with steriods. It is always easier to knock off the guy at the top!!!!