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Well, it's been almost three weeks since Santonio Holmes shattered the glass slipper and brought an end the Arizona Cardinals' Cinderella playoff run. All of the roadside merchants selling Cardinals paraphenelia have disappeared, and the legitimate retailers have moved the Cardinal tee-shirts, hats, and other items to the discount rack or the back of the storeroom. You have to look long and hard to find a car sporting a flag. Almost all of the storefronts have removed their displays of encouragement for the Cardinals from their windows and signs. Sports-talk radio in town has shifted toward the Phoenix Suns, spring training, and the fact that New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez is two-faced, lying, cheating scumbag.

In Pittsburgh, the Steelers coaching staff is back to off-season business as usual. Nobody had to pack any boxes, call their real estate agents, research new schools for their kids, or fill out any change of address forms. The Steelers coaching staff has remained completely intact for the third consecutive year. The biggest decision facing the Pittsburgh coaching staff is where to display their new SuperBowl XLIII championship rings!

Out here in Arizona, it's been a different story. Only four days after the SuperBowl, news broke that offensive coordinator Todd Haley was leaving the Cardinals to take the head coach job in Kansas City. The fifth day after the big game, defensive coordinator and longest tenured Cardinals assistant coach, Clancy Pendergast was kicked to the curb ending his five years with the team. Quarterbacks coach Jeff Rutledge was also fired the following week. Cardinals assistant coaches Maurice Carthon and Dedric Ward also defected to the Chiefs where they will be reunited with Haley and Pendergast.

The Cardinals have promoted from within to fill the some of the coaching vacancies and will bring in John McNulty (WR), Chris Miller (QB) and Curtis Modkins (RB) as new position coaches.

In Pittsburgh, most of the starters are still under contract (and mostly content) for next season. Max Starks just received the Steelers franchise tag, leaving fellow offensive linemen Chris Kemoeatu and Willie Colon the only other starters not under contract. Back-up quarterbacks Charlie Batch, Byron Leftwich and wide receiver Nate Washington are the most notable reserves looking for a new deal.

Out here in Arizona, there are big questions surrounding players that were key performers during the Cardinals playoff run. Kurt Warner and Karlos Dansby need new contracts, and Anquan Boldin and Edgerrin James have both publicly criticized the organization (typical of Drew Rosenhaus clients) during the season. Earlier this week Dansby received the franchise tag for the second straight year. Warner has announced that he is putting off retirement for at least one more year and there is little doubt that he will re-sign with the Cardinals. Even Anquan Boldin has done an about-face and made it public that he is willing to sign a contract extension and stay in Arizona.

Edgerrin James however is a different story. Although he is still under contract and due to earn $5 million next year, he has made it perfectly clear, despite his post-season success, that he is done as an Arizona Cardinal. He had most of his personal belongings shipped to his Florida residence mid-season after he was benched. He took his exit physical immediately following the SuperBowl. James even took the extra step to buy (not rent) a car, have it delivered to the hotel in Tampa where the team was staying, and opted to drive back to his Miami residence instead of flying back to Arizona with the rest of the team.

While the Jaguars and Saints have cut ties with their aging running backs to make room for their salary cap, the Cardinals are content to leave Edge's immediate future in limbo.

According to Mapquest.com it's 2115 miles between where the Steelers and Cardinals play. Where they are as a franchise is measured completely different. As of now the Cardinals need 47 regular season wins, 18 playoff appearances, 26 playoff victories, 6 conference championships, and of course, six world championships to catch up to the Steelers. However, considering that Arizona went from "the worst playoff team ever" to less than one minute away from the Lombardi trophy, they at least appear to be headed in the right direction...for now.

Makes you realize and appreciate how good we have it. I never understood why the Cardinals fired coaches after that season.

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Excellent read, thanks!

02-22-2009, 03:33 AM
This guy gets it.

02-23-2009, 09:57 PM
Clancy Pendergast was forced on Whiz when he took the job as a condition of his hire, much as LeBeau was on Tomlin here in the 'Burgh. While things have worked out well for Coach Tomlin and we've had the #1 ranked D both years he's been here, it's been different for Whiz. He was unhappy with the situation from day 1, had a defense ranked around 20th in the league, gave up more points than any SB team in history, and watched his D give up an epic drive with a Lombardi on the line. The SB run gave him enough juice to make the move on Clancy.

Haley got a better job, which assistants do when they resurrect the careers of aging stars and have units ranked 4th in the league. We're extremely fortunate that LeBeau is older and has already had his HC shot, so we stand no risk of losing him. Unfortunately, there's no risk of losing BA, either...