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NC Steeler Fan
02-16-2009, 11:41 AM
So, my Steeler godfather in da burgh sent me a Steeler SB XLIII
goodie box and included were the Monday 2/2/09 editions
of the Pittsbugh Tribune-Review and Post-Gazette.

And, although I still think I like the 2006 SB XL headline covers
a little better, it was hard to beat the Post-Gazette's:


And, the Tribunes':


screaming across the page in big, bold letters. 8)

In any event, the Trib's game coverage was pretty cool in that they
included an entire single page each for coverage of all four quarters,
with stats and graphics. It was actually quite alarming to see just how
well AZ played despite us leading most of the game and winning it.
That really was a "good, close" game, if you didn't have a vested interest
in the outcome that is!!

The best pic BY FAR was a FULL PAGE color pic of one thing and one
thing only....James Harrison completely laid out on the ground, arms
and legs splayed and the ball just falling away from his now prone and
outstretched hand. The shot was laid out such that you have to turn
the newspaper sideways to view it properly and it's just awesome.

But, aside from all the great reading and pics, there was one thing else common
to both newspapers. In both editions there was a full page ad from BCBS
that totally blew me away....

On this mostly blank full page was a groundhog standing slightly left of center.

Wrapped around his neck was a black and gold scarf.

Laid out behind him on the snowy white backdrop, as if to replace his own shadow,
was the faintest silhouette outline of a Lombardi trophy.

And, below him in print were the words:

"52 More Weeks of World Champions"

....totally bitchin'.... 8)

(If you can still order copies, they're well worth it!)

02-16-2009, 12:30 PM
Thanks man, I got mine a couple of days ago and had them framed, I may need to order more just to read them!

NC Steeler Fan
02-16-2009, 05:23 PM
...what? No love for the Lombardi-shadowed groundhog other
than some dude who thinks I'm a guy? :lol:

Wish I could find that pic of Harrison, but I suspect it just
wouldn't have the same effect if it's not newspaper size!

02-16-2009, 05:29 PM
some dude who thinks I'm a guy?

I guess _SteeL_CurtaiN_ doesn't subscribe to "Blonde Steeler Fans with Chickens Greeting Card Monthly." :lol:

02-16-2009, 08:47 PM

NC Steeler Fan
02-17-2009, 11:34 AM
Um, so it' not that pic of Harrison nor anything close to it that's in the

It's actually a shot from the sidelines angle looking over his head; like
someone in the front row of seats had a good zoom and captured nothing
else but Harrison splayed out.

I wish I could find it and post it. Wonder if there's a way...

stlrz d
02-17-2009, 02:27 PM

NC Steeler Fan
02-17-2009, 03:02 PM

That's the groundhog pic, captioned with:

"52 More Weeks of World Champions"

Thankls!!! :D

stlrz d
02-17-2009, 03:52 PM

That's the groundhog pic, captioned with:

"52 More Weeks of World Champions"

Thankls!!! :D

You're welcome. :)