View Full Version : Overtime: The Snarky Way

02-03-2009, 07:51 PM
There have been a few discussion on NFLN about the coin flip being too much of a determining factor in terms of the overtime. At some point somebody (and I don't know who) said that in recent years 47% of the teams that have won the toss have gone down the field and won on the first drive -usually with a FG. Overall, I'm pretty sure the team that wins the flip wins in OT about 65% of the time.

The general consensus seemed to be that sudden death was a necessary evil (to reduce injuries) and so, therefore, was the coin flip.

But what if overtime possession was determined differently. For instance, what if the first team to lead at the end of a quarter during regulation automatically had the option to receive the ball if the game went to OT. This would take the randomness of a coin flip out of the majority of games and for games that are tied at the end of each of the first three quarters, they could simply have a coin toss between the third and fourth quarters.

This would mean that no matter what each team would know at the beginning of the fourth quarter who would get the ball in overtime. And I think it would eliminate the whining about the coin flip. I also think it would set up some compelling finishes.

Say a team scores a TD with 20 seconds to go and the coach has the option to kick the extra point or go for two, He might very well decide to go for two in order to avoid giving the other team the ball in OT.