View Full Version : A Weekend Like No Other

02-02-2009, 05:59 PM
This was a weekend like none other in my life.

On Saturday morning, I had to let go of my buddy of nearly 15 years, my chatboard namesake, Dukie. Dukie has been a great companion, loyal, playful, athletic. He gave all he could, but his body and mind just were giving out on hi.m I was right with him all the way, until he left peacefully and painlessly. It was (and is) very difficult. Dukie's pic is my avatar.

I needed what the Steelers gave us all on Sunday. That was a great game and a great victory. It was a mirror image of most of our wins this year, physical, gritty, close messy, heroic. It was sweet. And it really lifted me when I really needed to be lifted up.

I am really thankful for Dukie Dog, and for the Steelers, and all that they have given. Dukie was more than just a dog. And Steeler football is more than just a game ... we in Steeler Nation know this to be true.

And I am really quite exhausted today. Thanks for reading.

Iron Shiek
02-02-2009, 08:35 PM
my condolences on your loss. I understand your feelings. Pets are part of the family. It sucks to let go. Hopefully, like you said the Steelers win will provide you a lasting, uplifting feeling.
:Beer for dukie