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Iron Shiek
01-28-2009, 10:53 AM
From the FWIW department...

Warren Sapp is doing the radio circuit for Monster.com (which is a cool promotion*). So I've heard him twice today. He's got a pretty good perspective of this game as he had some experience under a defense that is run similar to what Tomlin likes (seeing as he was part of the defensive staff in TB). He recognized that over the years we were susceptible to the big pass that would kill us. And that a staple of Dungy/Tomlin defense is to negate that big play and we've done well with that the last two years making the D more successful. I think we all pretty much recognize that, but it was good to see others notice some of the more intricate stuff our D has been doing that makes them successful rather than just spewing stats and saying how hard we hit and physical we are.

Some here may not like Sapp, but I don't mind him (not just because of what I wrote above). But typically when he gets interviewed its pretty interesting. Better than Deion for sure...but that isn't hard.

*The promotion is nfl.monster.com. There will be a commercial at the 1st half 2 minute warning with details on how to enter. But the "job description" is $100k "signing bonus", calling a play at the Pro Bowl (yes being on the sideline and calling a real play), participating in the coin toss ceremony at the next Super Bowl, and announcing a 2nd round draft pick at the podium at the NFL Draft. Phenomenal! :Beer