View Full Version : steelers slighting

01-26-2009, 08:25 PM
OK, I admit I get a bit sensitive about these things, but if anyone watched the post-flight coverage on NFLN, did it seem the Steelers got short shrift on interview time? I know, I know, I'd rather have more post-game interview time. :tt1 But I waited a week without hearing much about the game, then I get a few short interviews on NFLN, the Cards land, and I see 20 minutes of Warners presser, Fitz, Bolden, etc. :wft

Mel Blount's G
01-26-2009, 08:42 PM
I've heard people writing this game off as a total yawner of a SB. Now in some cases it's because they think the cards are completely overmatched. That is total BS because we saw goliath toppled in last years SB. Any given sunday...yadda yadda....

A lot of these people are not real football fans imo. Part-timers. The same people who, according to goodell and the league, want "more offense". Frankly, I'm ignorant in these "business" matters. Like why the league and the mega-media have to "sell" good defense. Our steeler defense, as a cohesive unit, is one of the best fielded in recent memory. What is more "football" than that? To crush the will of your opponent. Period. Who wouldn't want to see Hines Ward throw his 209 lbs into an opposing LB who outweighs him by fiddy and drop him like a bad habit? Who doesn't want to see Ryan Clark-i-kaze drive through the much heavier Bouldin? These people who want "more offense" should just go watch the NBA where the subtle art of playing defense is becoming extinct...