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01-24-2009, 02:54 AM
Local Business Orders Up Pierogies Online

POSTED: 4:54 pm EST January 23, 2009
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NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. -- It's affectionately called Yinzer food. Pierogi, cabbage and noodles and chipped ham are all favorites of the Steeler Nation.

One Westmoreland County chef is cooking up delicious fan favorites and shipping it out, to Yinzers far and wide -- from New Kensington to Steelers fans across the country.

Locals hope the Steelers will stuff the Cardinals and fans will stuff their faces with stuffed cabbage.

But what if you aren't in Pittsburgh to get pierogies on Super Bowl Sunday?

No problem now, thanks to Zum Zum Kitchen in New Kensington. Fans just have to order their food a week before the big game.

Owner Lynne Szarnicki is a good cook with a business degree from Washington and Jefferson College.

"As a senior project, I came up with a business plan to start Zum Zum," said Szarnicki.

That was four years ago. Now she takes orders from Steelers fans across the country on polishpierogi.com.

The better the Steelers do, the better she does. After the Steelers' win last Sunday, Szarnicki had 10,000 people visit her website. Most were members of Steelers fans clubs across the country trying to plan a menu for Super Bowl Sunday.

Szarnicki's brother Steven helps out in the kitchen; prepping orders from fans in all 50 states, which often include chipped ham and kielbasa. She said she learned to cook from the best.

"Grandmas' kitchen, church. You pick it up little by little. They won't tell you the recipe and then they are mad when you don't know it," Szarnicki said.

If the Steelers win, Szarnicki is making a pierogi promise to the team.

"If you want pierogi, call me up and I'll make sure you get some," Szarnicki said.