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01-20-2009, 10:21 PM
L Fitz may get a touch here and there or an interference call but I think Ike could contain him with a little help like several of you have already mentioned.
The only major mismatch (if you want to call it that) is Breaston with his sub 4.4 speed on possibly Deshea. Hopefully Clark can make a perfect intro here.

When just looking at stats from a production perspective you would think you are looking at the second coming of Air Corriel {#1 receiver -1500 yds, #2 receiver - 1000 plus yards, #3 receiver - 1000 plus yards, #4 receiver - 500 yds} Good thing the TE Pope is not Winslow Sr or Jr.

Even with those numbers we still match well with Ike, BMAC, Gay, Deshea. Does anyone have the statistic of how many sacks the Arizonal line has given up?

RB - Hightower seems to be the quick shifty back that could sometimes give the Steelers fits. I am not saying he is going to run for a 100 plus on us but he seems to be decent taking those quick dink and dunks and doing something with the ball (Rashard Choice, Jerome Harrison type style). The Edge doesnt scare me unless the Defense is tired but I only saw that once this year against the Titans.

01-20-2009, 11:05 PM
The sacks allowed by AZ would be deceiving since they play in such a weak division. Honestly, I think this game could be even more brutal than the AFCCG. Whiz knows how the Steelers play, he will have his team pumped, locked, and loaded to match the Steelers intensity. Their DL is strong and their secondary are not slouches either. Our OL has to keep Ben clean like the Bmore game. Ben will need to take some chances down the field early. I don't know what AZ special teams are like, but I don't expect miracles from ours. Maybe Holmes will break one for good yards. I think we will have to score more than 20 to win this game.
I think depth will also play a part since I expect at least one, possibly two significant injuries during the game.
The difference between Steelers/Cards last year vs this year favors the Steeler I think. This year we don't need to gamble on the pass rush to get pressure, that was our downfall last year. LeBeau has said this a number of times this year. Woodley/Harrison tandem make all the diff in pass defense. Warner is very good a reading a D quickly, we're gonna have to confuse the hell out of him with movement.

01-20-2009, 11:32 PM
how many teams did the card's play that run the 3 4 D ?

01-21-2009, 12:30 AM
The Eagles were 3rd in the league in defense and the Cards went up and down the field on them. The Steelers will need to play efficient offense in addition to good defense. We can not have multiple 3 and outs from the offense in this game. The running game must work and we need Hines to play well.

I don't think we can hold them under 20 points. That means the offense must score. Can't afford to drop TD passes in the Super Bowl.

01-21-2009, 02:44 AM
I think that our D can handle the O they bring. This is because the harrison/Woodley combo that Warner will be worried about the whole game so minor distraction there. Then we have Troy that since he seems to be back to norm he can keep up with any deep runners. Besides that we have Clark and Ferrior watching the middle.

Now on the flip side I don't see our O-Line having much difficulty handling there D. We did well vs the Ravens and the Chargers. I think Parker will be able to run better against them than even against the Chargers which will free up a lot of good plays for Big Ben. It might be close depending on penalties or it could be a blow out but I see the Steelers controling this game because not only does Wiesenf-whatever knows our offence 2 years ago but bad word Lebeau knows Weisen-whatever's tendancies and has the experience to exploit them.