01-17-2009, 12:22 PM
I am sorry if there were other previous threads about this that I may have overlooked but this will be a good measure of how well we are at OC and DC. What brought this on was arguably the two best Steeler game plans of all time when we beat the Colts and Broncos in our latest Super Bowl run. I never saw this coming but was happy how we started with the pass to open up the run on the offensive side (add a couple of creative plays drawn up by Wiz) and got even more creative with our blitzes to neutralize or contain Peyton on the Defense.

How many of you wished there was some type of local radio station promotion where you had a chance to have dinner with Tomlin and were able to give your 2 cents on what we should do on both sides of the ball. I have to say Tomlin is an intelligent guy who is confident and cool in his decisions so even I have to admit the odds are slim that he would even listen (FWP was even called out for second guessing BA's philosophy style of running).

Offensive Side - What is the Plan?
Last weeks gameplan alone was enough to put me in my place. How many of you actually saw us being successful (even with a little lead and pull blocking) with the inside running game and some quick hit bounce outs. Somehow we were able to pretty much make big Jamal Williams a non factor.

The entire year I saw myself signing up for an Anger Management Course after every game due to the Offense. Play calling, lack of execution in the passing, running, blocking, catching, etc. We can argue forever on why this occurs and who is to blame.

As of late we have been attacking more but I have to admit as much as I hate Ed Reed I do respect his oportunistic approach back there. I, myself do not know what to do except to preach to Heath, Santonio, etc to hold the ball.

Defensive Side - What do we do?

I can't hide it. I am a defensive fan of the game (especially the style of how the Steelers play). I am hoping we have some more looks that Flacco has not seen. You know they are going to dial in some deep balls to help their bread and butter run game. In a nutshell I would hit him hard with the blitz in the beginning because no matter how cool he is it will still force him to rush some things later on. I would have even more smoke and mirrors to get in his head.