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01-14-2009, 02:44 PM
Are you all still sold on Arians? I'm not.. let me explain.

I think we had a great game against the Chargers but I don't want to contribute that to BA being crowned a genius quite yet.

Reasons include:

1) The o-line played better than they have all year. I don't know what caused this or what but it seemed to be that they were on the same page, FINALLY. What is the extra week? Or how about Colon getting called out in a Walmart? Or is it because they're catching the blame (and well deserved) for our inept offense at times. Either way, we need this crew to come through against the Ravens.

2) The running game. 'Nuff said. FWP ran better than he has all year. He looks healthy and fast but will have a much more difficult time against the Ravens. Again, the o-line finally got a push against the Chargers. Kudos to that crew (finally).

3) Heath Miller -- We have been saying this all year. The guy HAS to get the ball and can help us neutralize the blitz. Same goes for Moore. But why did Arians FINALLY decide to utilize him.

What thing that still concerned me is the long developing plays though. He still has not learned. They were some of the same, 7 step, slow developing plays, that he's called all year. The only difference is that the o-line, and ground game protected Big Ben this time. I don't know if this will work against the Ravens.

Also, Merrill Hoge brought up a good point the other day. He specifically say that the 3-WR bunch formation takes long to develop. And yet we continue to use that formation when our o-line struggles. It makes sense that it takes long to develop. The WR not only have to separate from the defender, but they have to separate from each other as well. That's why I think our normal spread 4-WR and 5-WR hurry-up offense works best to neutralize the blitz. Spreads the defense out.


01-14-2009, 02:50 PM
no way you get rid of Arians.. unless we hear how he was pinned down and forced to change during the bye...

I have to believe the OL zone was simplified.. or the Walmart threat really hit home with Colon, LOL!

I see what Arians was trying to do... run run and then go deep downfield... too many times we tried to go deep without establishing anything and the OL was pathetic while this was happening.

No way you get rid of BA cause we now see what we can do when we execute.. I just think were throwing too much at the OL and ignoring the glaring need for FWP to follow a blocker...

through it all though we were 12-4 and a #2 seed... and every game we lost besides the Eagles game was filled with TO's....

Steeler Mafia
01-14-2009, 03:02 PM
I think Ed Douchette said it best (I know....shocking :shock: ) when he said that what we saw on Sunday was, in his mind, more of a Mike Tomlin called offense rather than a BA called offense. To a point, I have to concur. I still thiink that of all those times we have been stoped on 3rd or 4th and goal, including the one time on Sunday, BA has made the call. I think he tries to make more out of the situation than what is there. Why on earth was Cary Davis in running the ball in that situation and not Gary Russell? IMHO, I think that BA tries to get too creative and does not have a sliver of the Steeler football mentality of in-your-face football. If it wasn't for the defensive unit and their success, BA would have been shown the door midway through the season. I hope and pray that he is shown the way out of town once the season is over.

01-14-2009, 03:07 PM
That fake pitch to FWP and roll-out with Ben, pass to Heath Miller was one of the best play calls in awhile.

I swear those dump off passes to Miller will work 90% of the time. When the Ravens are sending LB's constantly up the middle, why can't Miller release right where the LB's just vacated and Ben just dump off passes to him?

It might only gain 5 or so yards constantly but hell, I'd do that every damn play until they think twice about sending the backers constantly. What frustrates me about Arians is that theres ways to neutralize teams blitzing us the way they do, and yet he's to stubborn to alter the game plan to punish teams that do that to us.

I know it sounds to easy, but why wouldn't it work?

01-14-2009, 03:22 PM
:Agree You got me on why it's not done more often. We've been screaming about it all year!!