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The following link takes you to pro-football-reference.com which is a very intertesting compilation of team and total stats for both offense and defense.

They have many inputs from various sources to come up with all the different averages such as a players fantasy value, adjusted net yards per passing attempt, etc.

You may want to compare Ben Roethlisberger's stats from 2006 through this year so far.

http://www.pro-football-reference.com/t ... assing.htm

You may see that under Coach Tomlin our defense may be the best in decades. Here are some figures: (They are broken down into the first 8 games and the total after 16 games. The defense may be tiring but LeBeau's substitutions and the bye week should put us right there in the first 8 game averages.):

Rush YPA - 2.9
Pass YPA - 4.2
Int - 8

After 16 games:

Rush YPA - 3.3
Pass YPA - 4.3
Int - 20

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