View Full Version : Defense leads the charge into the playoffs by Brandon Thorn

01-04-2009, 08:54 PM
Defense leads the charge into the playoffs

The Steelers capped off a 12-4 season with a 31-0 blowout against the hated Cleveland Browns, not a bad way to enter the post season. Pittsburgh finished the year with one of the better defenses in their illustrious history. Not very comparable to some of the all-time great defenses but this year nobody was better, and the stats speak for themselves. Finished #1 in total defense(1st against the pass, 2nd against the run). Ranked 1st in points given up a game with 13.9 & 2nd in sacks (51) to the Cowboy's (59).

Their most impressive stat of all may be they only gave up 300 yards of total offense once ALL year. Pair that unit with a running game that just seemed to be catching a groove and this team could make a run for the Super Bowl. Pittsburgh has a first-round bye heading into the playoffs and it is much needed especially with the concussion that QB Ben Roethlisberger suffered against Cleveland. It has been reported it is just a mild concussion and with the extra week off, he should be ready to go 100% for the winner of the San Diego Indianapolis game. We could be in for a rematch of the 24-20 thriller in week 10 in which the Colts came back to win in Pittsburgh for the first time since 1968....to read the rest of this article please visit http://www.nfldraftdog.com/NFL%20Team%20Columns/pittsburgh_steelers_nfl_team_col.htm