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12-28-2008, 05:18 PM
Unfortunately, I missed most of the game, and so missed Ben's concussion. :( I hope he's ok.


FWP for finally showing that he can run with the football somewhat, although against a Browns' defense.

Hines Ward, for once again coming up big.

And of course, Lefty for stepping in nicely.


I'd say this goes to Tyrone Carter (somehow) for those two INT's, with B-Mac and Aaron Smith close seconds. :tt2

Special teams looked ok, once again.

Overall, it's a bittersweet way to end the season. We crushed Cleveland, but saw our starting QB get hurt. Thankfully, the first week bye will give Ben more time to heal. Congrats Steelers on going 12-4 against a tough schedule! This has been a great season! Now, just cap it off with that 6th lombardi! :tt2

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12-28-2008, 05:27 PM


12-28-2008, 05:48 PM

We will go with Lefty in relief of Ben. Came in cold and manned up. Also helped honorable mention Hines Ward break the club record in catches.

I'm concerned with Ben. But Lefty lessens that concern considerably.


The obvious choice...Ty Carter...2 INTs, w/ a Pick 6. No need to elaborate here.


No game ball here. There were no standout performances for either team in this category.

It was the result I expected out of this game. But I am very concerned with the intensity level of this team going in to the playoffs. I need to see more out of the D, especially the run D.

I have no idea how Ben is going to respond after getting absolutely molested on that sack. I think it will be a good idea to have Lefty ready, because it wouldn't surprise me if Ben was still fuzzy two weeks hence.

Also, the run game absolutely must step up.

I'm only cautiously optimistic going into the divisional game. Nothing will surprise me from the Steelers. A one and done wouldn't surprise me any more than a SB win. But for a SB win to happen, the intensity level must go up much higher than where it is now.