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12-14-2008, 12:17 AM
Mrs. Fan and I just returned from a short trip with our church to our sister church in Popalote, Mexico. It's very close to San Quintin for those of you who fish down there. Brought both religions with us. Here's proof of one:


12-14-2008, 12:55 AM
Nice pic my brother (in both ways).

12-14-2008, 02:08 AM
I still think Bimbo Bakeries is hilarious. I saw a Bimbo truck parked outside a Mexican grocery store in Wilkes-Barre a few months ago, and thought, "Who the @#$% would name their business that?" It make be genius, though, since I likely wouldn't even have given it a second thought if were named something like Bimby Bakery instead.

stlrz d
12-14-2008, 10:13 AM
El Papalote...are you standing in front of a fertility clinic?!? :lol: