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12-03-2008, 02:17 PM
QB: It is plain to see that Ben is slowly, but surely getting back to form. Romo, who is by far one of the most overrated players in the league is not in the same category as Ben. He will be flustered big time by our defense. Edge>Steelers

RB: Even with Barber a little banged up, he is still one of the best RB's in this league. Now the question is: Can he run against this defense like he has all season long?? Probably not. Felix Jones is on IR which is big for the Steelers. He is a homerun threat every time he gets the ball. For the Steelers, I like the 2 headed monster of Parker and Moore and think that they will have more success in this game then Barber will. Edge>Steelers.

WR: With T.O., Crayton, and Roy Williams, they are among the best in the league. The Steelers have an average at best core. Washington has had a ton of drops this season, while Holmes has not been the player we all thought he was capable of becoming. Ward is the lone constant on this team and he should again lead the team in catches this week. Edge>Cowgirls

TE: This is a very very close one. The Cowboys have Witten and Bennett who each are very goot tight ends. Witten may be the best in the league at what he does. Bennett has come up with some big catches this year too. For the Steelers, Miller is really the only player that Arian's feels should be in to catch for our TE's. Spaeth is more of a blocking TE and seldomly is used in the pass game. Edge>Cowgirls

OL: The Steelers are improving big time, but the Cowboys line is still one of the best in the NFC. Edge>Cowgirls

LB: This isn't a question, we have the best in the league. Only guy we need to watchout for is Ware off of the edge. Edge>Steelers

CB: The Cowboys big weakness is their secondary. They are horrible and Ben will put up big numbers this week against them. Again, we have the best secondary in the NFL, this isn't a question. Edge>Steelers

DL: Another top in the NFL!! Smith, Hampton and even with Kirschke in there, we are dominant at controlling the LOS. Edge>Steelers

These are just the points that I am trying to make. WE match up a lot better than them on paper. We should win this game if we play STEELERS football. Run the ball, attack the weak secondary, and limit mistakes.

Go Steelers.

12-03-2008, 02:41 PM
You can probably simplify it by saying Dallas has the better offense, and Pittsburgh has the better defense.

The difference is, even though the Cowboys offense is good, the Steeler D is still dominant enough to shut it down.

And while the Steeler O has been only average this season, they should be able to move the ball reasonably well against the Dallas D.

Throw in the fact that the game is at Heinz...Advantage: Steelers.