View Full Version : KC writer's analysis of the teams pounding down to the wire

12-02-2008, 05:19 PM
I'd like to take full credit for this info. :D Naw, that's not me. Glad to see the Steel having another stellar year, by the way, and although it won't mean much but I'll be pulling for you to 'go bowlin' again.

I don't need to tell any of you that the Chiefs have fallen into the abyss this season, do I? Didn't think so. However, now being the youngest team in the NFL, hope is there for the dawn of a new and more contending era for the young Chiefs in 2009. We'll have to hide and watch for that.

Meantime, I thought you'd enjoy seeing a Chief's beat writer's view of where the playoff contenders/pretenders stack up right now with only about December to go? (This may be agin the rules but you're not telling, right?) Anyway, the Dude's name is Bob Gretz who does the dual print/broadcasting coverage and I've found him to be a good source over the years:


The picture for the NFL playoffs is starting to come into focus and right now teams like New England, Dallas, Washington and Philadelphia are all on the outside looking into the bracket.

But they all have opportunities to change that over this last month.

No team has its division wrapped up at this point. Arizona has the first opportunity and they need just one more victory to salt away the NFC West.

Here’s the field for the AFC and NFC with four weeks remaining.


TITANS are the class of the AFC and can wrap up homefield advantage with weeks to spare in the season.

STEELERS have a tough run with their next 3 against Dallas, Baltimore and the Titans

JETS have the easiest path of all the contenders playing the 49ers, Bills, Seahawks and Dolphins

BRONCOS are one of the AFC's most unpredictable teams. They also have tough road games against Carolina and San Diego.

COLTS will not be stressed down the stretch for a wild card slot, having to play the Jags, Bengals and Lions

RAVENS' QB Flacco and the defense have pushed Baltimore up the AFC ladder.

Anyway, those are the top 6 AFC teams and their missions as this guy sees it leading into 'finishing month', December, in the NFL. If you'd like his takes on the NFC, I could add that as well, but he likes the teams peaking over there right now which include the Giants, Vikes and Falcons. FYI