View Full Version : Two Short Plays by ESPN.com's D.J. Gallo

12-01-2008, 02:43 PM

And now I present the short play: "Matt Cassel and Troy Polamalu, Roommates."

(Scene: Dorm room. Cassel walks in.)

Polamalu: "Hey, Matt. How was class?"

Cassel: "Terrible. I'm really struggling with this Game Management 101 class."

Polamalu: "You'll be fine, buddy. It takes time. You may not figure it out for five or six years, but you'll get it."

Cassel: "I don't know. It just stresses me out so much."

Polamalu: "Would brushing my hair relax you?"

Cassel: "It sure would!"

(Brush, brush, brush, brush.)

Cassel: "Troy, can I ask you something?"

Polamalu: "Anything."

Cassel: "Do you think I'm as pretty as Matt Leinart?"

Polamalu: "Matt, stop brushing my hair for a second and look at me."

Cassel: "Yes?"

Polamalu: "I think you're prettier than Matt Leinart and someday everyone else will, too."

Cassel: "Promise?"

Polamalu: "Promise."

(Cassel continues brushing with a content smile on his face.)

(End scene.)

And now I present the short play: "The Jets Are Clearly the Team to Beat in the AFC."

(Curtain rises.)

(Curtain stops halfway up.)

(Curtain falls.)

:lol: :lol: