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11-26-2008, 11:02 AM
I rewatched some of the game between the Pats and the Fins las night on NFLN and came out of it with some thoughts about Cassell and the Pats offense:

Cassell loves to step up in the pocket and let the outside rushers take themselves out of the play. Woodley and Harrison are going to have to be disciplined when they try to speed rush to the outside. A good push in the middle will also eliminate Cassell's ability to do this.

The Pats seemed to like the run the ball when they believe you're going to be in an hard rush and rnu delays, draws and screens. They will not be able to run on the Steelers' defense in obvious running down and distances.

Welker is going to make a lot of catches, the Steelers need to limit the damage by tackling him and not allowing him to convert third downs into first downs.

Cassell believes in his offensive line and will hold the ball looking for open receivers.

Expect fades on or near the goal line to Moss. They wil lineup three WRs to the left and Moss to the right and throw the fade almost immediately after a one or two step drop, hoping to catch the corner 1-on-1 and even if there is help from the safety, hoping to hit the pass before the safety can get there. (Cassell throws this ball well.)

Expect a lot of short drops and quick passes.

Cassell's mobile and isn't afraid to take off running; again, a disciplined pass rush will be essential

Cassell believes that Randy Moss is going to win every jump ball, expect a few of those, hopefully, the Steelers have over the top help when it happens. Our corners will be under manned against Moss in that situation.

That's about it...if anyone else watched the game let me know what you think. Let me know what you think even if you didn't watch the game.


11-26-2008, 02:13 PM
Pappy I think your dead on about alot of your observations. I think Ike may have a little more success in the jump ball situation with Moss because of his size, but like you said, he'll need help. On your point about the pass rush, again I agree that discipline will be key. We have to maintain the rush lanes and not let Cassell get out of there. I look for the Pats* to use alot of short passes and screens like the Colts did to us to neutralize the blitz. This game's gonna be tough, we'll need our A game on both offense and defense.

As far as their D, I look for them to put a spy on Ben in the secondary to move with him as he scrambles out of the pocket trying to make a play. They'll do this in hopes of getting a pick or two off Ben.

11-26-2008, 02:23 PM
Pap said it all and I have nothing more to add. Watch out for the short passes, pressure
the middle, and don't give up any big plays to Moss. Sounds simple, let's hope we execute