View Full Version : benching QBs

11-25-2008, 10:23 AM
So here it is. I figured this was a good time to talk about this since we had some "Bench Ben" sentimant on this board and the Trib's after his couple of weeks of below average play. With the recent benchings of both Donovan McNabb and Brady Quinn, both coaches cited the reason being his team "needed a spark". Do you do what they did, or do you stick wioth them? In both cases, the coaches are going back to the benched quarterback as starter the following week.
To me, I think a quarterback who is constantly looking over his shoulder after a bad pass is a quarterback who will not be willing to make that throw in traffic that is neccessary to continue a drive or get a touchdown. I know the two situations are different, and to me, what happened in Cleveland is infinately worse than in Phily. McNabb is at the end of his career, Quinn is just starting. What kind of message are you sending to Brady Quinn, who is the franchises future, that you will bench him if he doesn't succeed, during his rookie campaign. The Browns are out of the race, so why not let him learn through growing pangs.