View Full Version : Irrevelant factoid - Bam Morris

11-22-2008, 08:25 PM
Got in a fight at work about the Steelers (Woo Hoooo!), wound up talking to this guy who said ... some years ago he was down at Corpus Christi (a TX beach resort) with a friend from Texas Tech. Turns out this guy knew Bam Morris from college, and Bam actually showed up to party with them (star Steelers RB at the time)!

Described as a real nice guy, black Mercedes, "entourage". Took everyone clubbing.

Turns out, on the way out of town Bam got stopped by DPS and was nabbed with that 7# of marijuana.

My work colleague said no dope was smoked when they were together (I guess he'd have to say that), but more importantly his friend told him Bam had said he had quit smoking the wacky weed. Apparently he was quite well-known for that in Lubbock (TX Tech home). But, no more, he said ...

And that's the rest of the story!!