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11-19-2008, 08:35 PM
http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2008/f ... ref=sircrc (http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2008/football/nfl/11/19/bc.fbn.cowboys.pacmanre.ap/?eref=sircrc)

Cowboys' Jones reinstated by NFL

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) -- The NFL is giving Adam "Pacman" Jones another chance.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Wednesday the suspended cornerback has been reinstated by league commissioner Roger Goodell, but he must miss two more games -- this Sunday and the following game on Thanksgiving. He'll be back Dec. 7 at Pittsburgh.

"He much appreciates the Cowboys and Jerry Jones for standing behind him and encouraging him, and he's grateful to the commissioner," said Worrick Robinson, Adam Jones' Nashville-based attorney.

Jerry Jones would not reveal any conditions the commissioner may have imposed and the league office said it would not have any immediate comment. However, Robinson, said, "He knows what he has to do. It's very clear."

"He's a long way, a long way from having clear sailing," Jerry Jones said.

Adam Jones was suspended from the entire 2007 season because of multiple incidents while with the Tennessee Titans. Over the offseason, he was traded to Dallas and then given another chance by Goodell. The Cowboys gave him a security team to help keep him in line, but on Oct. 7, Jones got into an alcohol-related scuffle with one of the bodyguards during a private party at a Dallas hotel.

Jones spent part of his time away undergoing alcohol rehabilitation.

"He has demonstrated something very important to all of us," Jerry Jones said.

It also will be up to Pacman to police himself. The Cowboys will no longer be providing bodyguards.

"It all starts with him and his decision-making," Robinson said. "He's comfortable making decisions for himself."

Robinson said the alcohol therapy was "something he needed to do."

"The real issue was more than allegations of an incident at a Dallas hotel," Robinson said. "There were personal issues that, until addressed, there was a likelihood of another incident occurring."

Jerry Jones said Adam Jones can have "limited participation" this week, but would not be part of full-squad practices or conditioning. He can return to practice Monday.

Goodell suspended Adam Jones indefinitely on Oct. 14, saying he'd put a timeframe on it after the cornerback missed at least four games. This decision means it will be a six-game suspension. Jones also missed the entire 2007 season. By the time he returns, he will have been suspended from 22 of a possible 28 games.

A few hours before the announcement, teammates said they would welcome him back.

Tank Johnson, who has the locker next to Jones and also has been through an NFL suspension for off-field troubles, said he's spoken frequently with Adam Jones.

"He's just chomping at the bit to get back and come back and be successful," Johnson said. "He knows we're all with him and we're never going to turn our back on him and as soon as he gets back it will be business as usual. I can't wait to have 21 next to me in the locker."

Added quarterback Tony Romo: "When he was here he worked very hard and he helped us. He's a good football player and I don't see why you wouldn't welcome a guy back that works hard on the practice field."

Jones still leads the club with 11 passes defensed; nobody else had more than five. His 27 tackles are second-best among defensive backs. He also forced a fumble and recovered one.

Jones was Dallas' main punter returner, averaging 5 yards per return on 16 attempts. He had a long of only 18 yards after leading the league in punt returns in 2006. He also had an NFL-best three touchdowns on punt returns that season.

If you'd like to call Roger to voice your disgust at the reinstatment of this scum you can reach his office at 212.450.2027 :twisted:

11-19-2008, 08:42 PM
Since Goodell didn't have the cojones to sit him down for the rest of the season, let's hope that Hines Ward puts an end to his season in a more painful manner in his first game back. I'm not the kind of person to root for someone to get injured, but since this embarrassment to the league does not deserve to be on an NFL field in the first place, I would not shed any tears if he had to be escorted off Heinz Field by trainers.

Mel Blount's G
11-19-2008, 09:46 PM
Goodell didn't "fail". Goodell has his priorities in order: What benefits the pats*** and cowgirls*, benefits him

(Cowgirl * = o'dummell taking the big pay off)

11-19-2008, 11:07 PM
PacMan will fail Goodell again and embarrass him.

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Any excuse for some epic fail pics is good enough for me. :lol:





11-20-2008, 02:47 AM
Back Dec. 7th.... good. Just in time for Hines to lay him out so that he'll be on the IR for the rest of the season. Whatever mess Goodell makes, the Steelers will be more than happy to clean up.

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Yea, I hav eto shake my head at this one. Goodell needs to figure the f out what he is going to be, a tough guy or a pushover. You can't be both.