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11-17-2008, 10:55 AM
1. Extend BMac now. The ownership issue has been decided. The Steelers will lose a bidding war. Give it a shot at least.

2. Find someone who can consistantly punt the football well. Ernster was terrible and put us at a horrendous field position disadvantage.

3. Russell. Don't cut him again. He is tough to tackle and runs hard. He is no Bettis on short yardage, but he is adequate and our best option. He is also the best kick returner we have (even when he muffs the ball).

4. On second and goal from the 4, never ever go empty backfield (especially when you ARE running well). Empty backfield says, "We are passing! So, man up and bring the blitz." You always leave a back in the backfield in this situation. You can run, go play action, the back can chip and bounce to the flat for a pass. When you leave a back in the backfield, the defense cannot commit to one action. In other words, the defense needs to do more containing and reacting than acting which gives our offense the upper hand.

5. Return game - Wedge players must run! That is the slowest wedge I've ever seen. They almost make the tackle for the defense. They are waiting way too long to get going and forcing Russell to reduce his speed to a painfully slow jog behind them instead of building speed. This is really basic stuff that a special teams coach should be fired for not correcting.

6. Replace or cut Carey Davis. McHugh is a better option at FB. Davis rarely blows anyone up and often allows linebackers to scrape off of him and make the tackle in the hole. He had a couple of good blocks last night, but he also couldn't sustain a few on some key plays. There are FAs out there right now that could improve this team. We should have picked one up on our bye week. We kept Davis for his versatility, but I don't see us using it. He makes very few special teams plays and he doesn't catch the ball all that well. He is a terrible runner.

Iron Shiek
11-17-2008, 04:07 PM
The only problem with "Extend BMac now" is that he'd be stupid to even negotiate right now. He and his agent know he is going to be coveted, why wouldn't you wait and see what you will be worth on the open market. But I agree with you, if the Steelers can throw a boatload of money at him and avoid what I said above, do it...but it probably can't happen.

11-17-2008, 04:49 PM
Like I said, it is worth a shot. I agree that he will likely test the market. But, if he has the desire to stay here he may try to work something out. He doesn't have a huge body of work as a starter (that could work to our advantage).

11-18-2008, 05:21 AM
I agree with you guys but it won't happen. Not with the Rooney system...