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Well I finally got in a question, not a good one but still got one in...had to kiss his ass this time, but it worked.

Ed Bouchette's Steelers chat transcript
Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Will_from_Freehold__NJ: Ed, My theory regarding Arians play calling seems to be coming true AGAIN: First drive, Touchdown, rest of game, questionable play calling at best. Does Coach Tomlin EVER over rule a play that Arians may call? If he does, that 3rd and Goal play would have been a nice try to step in.

Ed Bouchette: That questionable play calling at the goal line produced two touchdowns earlier at the goal line -- same situation, same play.

Will_from_Freehold__NJ: 17-7, ball on the 16, 1:30 left before the half, 3rd and 2..WHY NOT RUN THE BALL? Ed, please, explain that to me!!!

Ed Bouchette: Because they cannot run? I had no problem with them passing, but what about a quick out or slant to Hines Ward to pick up the 2 yards for the first down, which is all you really wanted at that point -- keep the ball away from the Colts and run out the clock.

Will_from_Freehold__NJ: Was the Colts O-line that good on Sunday or did the Steelers really miss Lamar Woodley that much?

Ed Bouchette: Peyton Manning does not get sacked much as it is -- 9 coming into the game. But they did miss LaMarr Woodley. He has, after all, 9.5 sacks in 8 games. Everyone talks about how much San Diego misses Shawne Merriman this season, so why wouldn't the Steelers miss Woodley?

Katmandu: Ed, based on what you have heard, how close were the Steelers to picking up Deangelo Hall and/or Ty Law? Based on the fact that we're down to William Gay and Anthony Madison as our second and third corners for the forseeable future, I would think the Steelers would have pursued some help. What are your thoughts?

Ed Bouchette: Neither. Remember what you buy when you buy Deangelo Hall. Also, do you think Ty Law would be satisfied very long with playing the no. 4 corner? I'm not sure about Law, though. I was told they weren't serious about Hall.

Will_from_Freehold__NJ: Will Parker start Sunday?

Ed Bouchette: It looks as if he will, unless he does not respond well between now and then.

Katmandu: Ed, I have to ask the tough question here. I'm no fan of Bruce Arians and his finesse offense. The sledgehammer lead blocking of a full back is badly missed. I don't think the team has confidence in the run game or Arians. Might we see a change this coming offseason? This isn't Steeler football! Your thoughts?

Ed Bouchette: His style is not the kind that's been used here, but it does not mean it can't be successful. They don't exactly have the kind of line nor running backs now to run that kind of offense anyway.

michsteelrfan: Ed: Is it possible to revamp an offensive line in one offseason?

Ed Bouchette: You saw how they "revamped" it since last season? Actually, they'll probably be forced to because Marvel Smith and Chris K are in the final years of their contracts, as is Max Starks.

Will_from_Freehold__NJ: Is Willie Parker now becoming an "injury prone" player? I sure hope not.

Ed Bouchette: Or unlucky because he's had three significant injuries that have knocked him out in the last 5 games he's played, starting with game 15 in St. Louis in 2007.

Jaggin_: I had hoped that Tomlin might have learned something from the 2nd half of the Redskins game, but apparently he did not. It was very clear during the first half of the Colts game that the banged up Big Ben had issues and continuing with him would bring more of the same. Why have a backup QB like Leftwich if you're not willing to use him when necessary? Do you think the Steelers win in Washington if Ben plays the second half?

Ed Bouchette: Every team has backup quarterbacks but it takes significant injuries for some teams to use them, such as New England and Indianapolis. I have no problem with sticking with Ben as long as he's healthy enough. When Ben left the game in Washington, the Steelers were ahead.

Stiller_Fan_in_Massachusetts: I have not seen it mentioned yet but didn't the offense's poor clock management just prior to the 2 minute warning in the 4th quarter greatly contribute to the outcome of that last drive? One would think they would have hustled more to get that play off especially since they burned a timeout on the prior goal line series where they had to settle for a FG. Many things went wrong during that game but this seems to be overlooked and it has not been the first time clock management has been an issue.

Ed Bouchette: They call these "chats" not "speeches" for a reason.

ManosdePiedra: Ed, who will take Townsend's spot if he can't play against San Diego? Also, is Woodley expected to be able to play this week?

Ed Bouchette: William Gay replaces him and Anthony Madison moves up to No. 3, although they signed Fernando Bryant today. It appears Woodley will play.

PackANDgold: Ed, with this recent INT epidemic (our $100 million man throws one every 22 attempts, slightly better than only Frerotte and O'Sullivan), can these guys really continue to downplay the importance of practice? It looked like Ben and Santonio hadn't played catch in years!

Ed Bouchette: We asked Mike Tomlin about that and I believe he wants to see Ben practice more. He called that "short-term misery" for him not practicing much those couple of weeks, but I think his philosophy has changed.

SteelersPSU: Ed, with the way the NFL has been "protecting the players" with fines for looking at the QB the wrong way, I anticipate Aaron Smith's wallet being about $10,000 lighter for "falling too hard on a defenseless quarterback with the intent to intimidate" for his sack against Peyton Manning. Your thoughts?

Ed Bouchette: Let's just eliminate any hits on the quarterback. Fine a player every time the QB is touched, then the players know where they stand. They can stand in front of the QB and jump up and down with their arms raised, like we did in 2-hand touch.

PackANDgold: Ed, am I the only one finding it humorous that Spaeth was used more Sunday than Heath has been all year? Obviously game plans are week to week, but watching Cooley and Clark liningup as 4th receivers two weeks in a row just hurts!

Ed Bouchette: No, there are others out there no doubt who are laughing right along with you.

OldSchoolPatriotFan: Happy Veterans Day Ed from one true patriot to another! In your opinion from what you have seen around the league how would you rank Roethlisberger's film study and game preparation habits on a scale of one to five with one being one of the worst in the league, three being very very average and five being one of the top three in the league?

Ed Bouchette: I may have been born in Boston, but I am not a Patriots fan. As for your other statement, I'm not very good at math.

PackANDgold: Hey Ed, any thoughts on accountability here on offense? Every fan watching that game had to be outraged with Arians calling, but is the pressure mounting on him in the locker room?

Ed Bouchette: They have him in a vice as we speak.

ManosdePiedra: Ed, is it just me, or does Kiesel get stuffed every time he tries that spin move? Seems he's doing well v. the run, but his pass rush has been nil. Do you think he'd be better off just trying to get to the QB without the spin?

Ed Bouchette: I'm not sure but Brett has not sacked the quarterback as often as many thought he would, especially after that AFC title game in Denver in 2005 when he had two in a part-time role. The linebackers are designed to get most of the sacks in the 3-4, though, and Keisel's numbers on QB pressures normally are in the top 2 on the team, he just doesn't sack them often.

StillaYinzer: Is there any chance the Steelers would look to extend Hartwig's contract after this season? He seems to be a bright spot on our line this year. Alternatively, do you think they will look to move Stapleton back to center?

Ed Bouchette: Hartwig signed a 2-year contract, so if they want to keep him, after this season would be the time to do it. Stapleton will remain at guard, I think.

Lefty_Byron: Ed, if the offense continues to not play up to its potential, are we looking for a new OC next year?

Ed Bouchette: They could be looking for a lot of things next year. I'm not ready to fire Bruce Arians because they lost 2 of their last 3 games.

costanza2k1: Ed my buddies and I at PlanetSteelers want to know if Tomlin is leaning towards resting Ben this week by using the full week of practice excuse. Love your responses by the way!

Ed Bouchette: I don't think so. I don't think Tomlin thinks that way. I believe he's just being up-front about it.

oz: Without naming names with your insight into the organization of the Steelers top seven offensive lineman which would include this past weeks starters along with Essex and Smith. How many of those seven are above average to great offensive lineman?

Ed Bouchette: I don't think they have any great offensive linemen. I also think that Smith is their best when he's healthy, but I also was faster when I was younger.

PackANDgold: Ed, how automatic would James Harrison be pounding the ball in at RB on a goal line play?

Ed Bouchette: He did it once in training camp and said he wants no more part of it.

StillaYinzer: Given the success of Stapleton and the nature of Simmons injury, what are the chances that Simmons has played his last game as a Steeler?

Ed Bouchette: I think it's more likely that Stapleton will play on the left when Chris K. leaves.

OldSchoolPatriotFan: Happy Veteran's Day Ed! In your opinion is Roethlisberger's film study and game preparation below average, average or above average?

Ed Bouchette: I don't study with him, so I can't tell you. I was told early-on he was lax about it but in the past few years, he's stepped it up.

Rob_T.: Ed, I know as Steeler fans we tend to overreact, but am I the only one that thinks when were back to being healthy by December we can make the push like we did in '05? The defense is championship caliber.

Ed Bouchette: Steelers fans overreact? I've never heard of such a thing. Yes, they can compete for a title and they might not even need an '05-like push.

EltonVeals: Ed, has the team finally found a decent kickoff return man in Russell?

Ed Bouchette: If you mean decent, can he get it to the 25 without fumbling on a consistent basis? Perhaps.

Lefty_Byron: Ed, any chance the league is going to rescind Woodley's fine? I'm trying not to laugh hysterically as I type this.

Ed Bouchette: The NFL has rescinded a few lately, have they not? It's like someone -- Roger Goodell -- stepped in and said, OK, fellas, you're going to far with the fines and stuff and took away Ray Anderson's toys.

Maddog_Russo: When will the media in this town call it like it is? The QB is playing terrible and has cost them 2 games. Everyone's afraid to call out the $102 million dollar man. He should sit this week and every week until he's healthy.

Ed Bouchette: We don't need to tell it like it is when we have expert observers like you.

cbussteeler: Why are we not seeing more of the no-huddle? I'm not proposing the old Bills of the 1990's, but a few time a game would seem appropriate. Ben just seems comfortable on the few occasions they have used it.

Ed Bouchette: I think they need more no-huddle, more use of the power fullback, more running plays at the goalline -- or is it more passing plays? -- more Byron Leftwich, more Max Starks -- or is it now more Marvel Smith? -- more blitzes, fewer fines, more shouting and screaming on the sideline by the head coach, more rollouts by the quarterback outside the pocket -- unless, of course, it's Byron Leftwich -- more dipsy-doodle plays like Mike Mularkey ran -- especially in 2003 when they were 6-10 -- and bring back Tom Moore as their coordinator, except he was run out of town because he was called a stuffed shirt as a coordinator who ran too much behind the fullback.

SteelWest: Who has "veto" power over the O-play calling? Seems like Tomlin would exercise a bit more input over the stupid calls of-late, i.e. a pass in our own end on 3rd & 2 when all we needed to do was kill the clock?

Ed Bouchette: Mike Tomlin has veto power over everything except for the sale of the team.

PhillyMarty: Other than the badly under-thrown flea-flicker, were any other long pass plays called, or was Ben unable to execute those types of plays? How much of a factor was the Indy Cover 2 in taking these plays away?

Ed Bouchette: I think the Cover 2 was the main reason, but that may be just a cover story.

PhillyMarty: If I suggested back in August that Flacco was the best QB in the AFC North, I might have been blackmailed from these chats. Today, is Flacco the best AFC North QB?

Ed Bouchette: He may be playing the best right now, but I'm not going to throw my fate into his hands long-term instead of Ben.

LA_Steeler_Fan: Type here: Ed, my Steeler fan buddies out here on the west coast are adamant that Ben should not have played last week, and shouldn't this week. If the medical staff clears him, I say he should play, even if his shoulder is sore. What say you?

Ed Bouchette: The West Coast has nothing on the East Coast, most apparently think the same on this matter. I say if they clear him, he plays just as if it were Tom Brady or P. Manning. Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't the national guys all calling Ben either the second or third best QB in the league about three weeks ago?

Will_from_Freehold__NJ: Ed, just read this from Peter King of SI: "If I were Mike Tomlin, I'm calling Roethlisberger into my office today and saying, "Look, you're the guy, and you'll always be the guy. But we've got to think of what's best for the team. I need you to look me in the eye and tell me you're healthy enough to play well against San Diego this week. If you lie to me, I'll never forget it. Tell me the truth.'' If Roethlisberger says he's OK, and he shows at least once in practice that his arm is fluid enough, you keep playing him. If you have any doubt, you rest him this week and play Byron Leftwich.". Your thoughts Ed?

Ed Bouchette: Mike did that last week. Peter's a week behind.

Ed Bouchette: No mas. I'm exhausted from all your outstanding insights once again and your perceptive questions. I feel like Ben Roethlisberger trying to escape the Philly Eagles. See you next Tuesday, even though it's a short week (does that mean I can trim this to 15 minutes instead of 30, boss?)
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